Parker’s Puzzle is the Hope Channel’s brand-new television program just for kids ages 7-10. It is all about teaching children ways to live a positive Christian life.
So who is Parker anyway?
Parker is an animated parrot with some important life lessons to share with kids. He works with his special pal, host Richard Silíe, a teacher from Spencerville Adventist Academy in Maryland. In the show, Parker’s four-piece puzzle is made up of the four interlocking segments of each episode: exercise, healthy diet, heart-to-heart discussions on different topics, and Bible study. When the puzzle comes together, children get a clear picture of a life that glorifies Jesus.
Parker’s Puzzle is produced by Larissa Preuss, a 2003 graduate of Southwestern Adventist University who has produced and hosted many programs for Novo Tempo, Hope Channel’s Portuguese channel.
 “I am very happy to work with children. The earlier children learn about God, the easier it is for them to handle things in life,” says Larissa.
Some concepts, such as death and the resurrection, aren’t easy to make interesting and easy to understand for young viewers. But according to Larissa, God provided an idea each time she prayed.
“This couldn’t have come together like it did without the Lord’s blessing,” says Larissa.
More than 70 children participated during three weeks of production. There were many volunteers who prepared food for the cooking segments, shuttled kids to a park for the outdoor exercise segments, and kept the kids quiet and reverent during the Bible study and prayer segments.

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