Guess Which Countries Grow the Most Rice
Here’s a game to test your knowledge about the top ten rice-exporting countries in the world. These are countries that grow rice and sell it to other countries.  
The first letter has been left off the name of these countries. See if you can correctly guess each country. You can check your answers below.
1.       __hailand
2.       __ndia
3.       __ietnam
4.       __nited  __tates
5.       __akistan
6.       __hina
7.       __gypt
8.       __taly
9.       __ruguay
10.   __pain
Top ten rice-exporting countries: 1.) Thailand; 2.) India; 3.) Vietnam; 4.) United States; 5.) Pakistan; 6.) China; 7.) Egypt; 8.) Italy; 9.) Uruguay; 10.) Spain

Guess Which Countries Buy the Most Rice
Now see if you can guess the top five countries that import rice. These are countries that buy rice from other countries and sell it in their own markets.
1.        __igeria
2.        ­­__audi    __rabia
3.       __hilippines
4.       __angladesh
5.       __ran
1.) Nigeria; 2.) Saudi Arabia; 3.) Philippines; 4.) Bangladesh; 5.) Iran
Did You Know?
Almost every country in the world either buys or sells rice, and almost everyone has tasted rice in a meal. If the gospel were like rice, almost everyone would have heard about Jesus by now.  
You can help spread the gospel like rice! You can pray for missionaries and the important work they do. You can pray for people who are still waiting to hear about Jesus. And you can continue to give offerings to help support this important work. Your prayers and offerings make a big difference. Thank you for doing your part.

*Scriptures credited to ICB are quoted from the International Children’s Bible, New Century Version, copyright 1986, 1988, 1999 by Tommy Nelson, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee 37214. Used by permission.

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