Good friends are great, aren’t they? We can tell them anything. Did you know that you can talk to God like you talk to your friends?
Ellen White wrote a little book about knowing God better. It’s called Steps to Christ, and it’s been translated in 160 languages! In the chapter about prayer Ellen White encourages Christians to tell God about everything—what we want, what makes us happy, sad, worried, or scared (Steps to Christ, p. 100).
Many years ago God even showed Ellen White which horse would be best for her family! The church members in Sutton, Vermont, collected money to purchase a horse and carriage for the Whites to travel in for their evangelism appointments. It’s likely that Ellen and James had asked God to give them wisdom to pick a good horse that would aid them in their travels from place to place.
Let’s imagine the conversation the day the horses were brought to James and Ellen White:
Man: This first one is a spirited sorrel . . .  uh, a little nervous, but a fine animal.

James White: Ellen, is this the one?

Ellen White: No. Let’s look at the next one.

 How about this big, strong gray?

James White: Ellen? What do you think?

Ellen White:
 Not that one.
The third horse plods up.

James White: What a beautiful dapple chestnut!

Ellen White: He’s the one!

: Are you sure? He’s a little swaybacked.

Ellen White: (firmly) He’s the one.

: If you want him, he’s yours. His name is Charlie. But  . . . how can you be so sure?

James White: (laughs) It was easy. Ellen had a vision last night. An angel showed her which horse to choose.
Charlie turned out to be a faithful horse, and a sweet and patient family pet. For many years he was a big help in transporting the Whites to many of their ministry appointments.
God may not send us a vision or dream to help in our choices, but He still gives guidance when we pray. Sometimes His help comes through the advice of Christian parents or friends, sometimes we find help in Scripture, and sometimes the Holy Spirit makes impressions on our hearts about what we should choose.
Remember to talk to God about everything in your life!
—Adapted from The Early Years, by Arthur L. White, p. 178, and from Pathways of the Pioneers, a dramatized audio series of Adventist heritage by Your Story Hour, available at Adventist Book Centers.