Evangelist and host of It Is Written Shawn Boonstra wrapped up meetings in Rome, Italy in March. In preparation for the event, many flyers advertising the meetings needed to be distributed. Worried about getting them to people in time, organizers decided to hand-deliver the flyers to about 400,000 homes. People were hired to help; some volunteered, including one boy named Paulo Gug.

Many people live in apartment buildings, so a resident must let the delivery person in the building also have a doorkeeper, who may or may not let the delivery take place. Gug, an 11-year-old Adventist, teamed up with American Yves Monnier. Pastor Monnier says, "Once we arrived, Paulo and I decided to distribute on Via la Spezia (La Spezia Street), a very long street."

Gug and Monnier worked side by side and in five hours distributed almost 2,000 flyers. Some people would not let them in, but "little Paulo was a hard worker," says Monnier. "He ran from building to building and with his sweet little voice got in with no trouble.

"Paulo's favorite apartment number to call was 5. For whatever reason, Apartment 5 worked very well."

Working for Jesus isn't something new to Gug. He helps his dad lead out in a "small group" they hold at their house. Gug has led out in the group by sharing devotionals.

Gug and his family go to the Appian Seventh-day Adventist Church in Rome, where his parents are members. Gug loves to go to church and help wherever he can. He's participated with the church in litter pick-up in parks, which is a big task in Rome. Jesus is his friend. When asked about Jesus, Gug's face lights up. He wants to be baptized soon.

--Information for this article obtained for It Is Written, and other sources.