Did you know that God always answers our prayers? Sometimes God answers “Yes,” sometimes He answers “Wait awhile,” and sometimes He says “No.” It might be hard to understand why God would say “No” when we want Him to say “Yes” so badly!   
But we can trust Him, because He loves us! And when we get to heaven He will explain many things that we cannot understand on this earth. 
Ellen White was God’s special messenger. Do you think God always said yes to her requests?
Henry, Mrs. White’s oldest son, contracted pneumonia when he was just 16. He was such a precious treasure to their family and they loved him so much. Sometimes Mrs. White called him her “sweet singer” because he loved music, and often sang hymns around the house. 
Henry suffered with pneumonia for a week.  During that time, he realized that he might die.  (They didn’t have the advantages we have today of well-educated doctors and helpful medicines.) Henry wrote notes to his classmates and urged them to be faithful to Jesus. When His little brother Willie came to his bedside, Henry said, “Willie, be a good boy, obey your parents, and meet me in heaven.”
Mrs. White prayed continually that if it were God’s will, her dear son’s life would be spared and he would be healed. But it was not to be. Just before Henry died, he said to his mother, “I shall meet you in the morning of the resurrection, for I know you will be there.” His last words were, “Heaven is sweet.”
Mrs. White also suffered the loss of her little baby John Herbert when he was just three months old. And her beloved husband died when Ellen was only 54. So she understood about sadness! But through her suffering, she never lost faith in Jesus. God had shown her in vision that there is a great battle going on between Christ and Satan and that Satan causes disease, tragedy, and death. 
But there’s good news! Soon Jesus will come again, and at His coming, those who have died loving Him will be resurrected; and ultimately, death, sadness, and Satan will be destroyed.
Mrs. White will be reunited on that day with her family. And if you have lost someone dear to you who loved Jesus, you too will see them again when Jesus comes!