“The Lord is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him in truth.” (Psalm 145:18)
Have you heard of the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? It is a story about telling the truth.
One summer, Carter’s dad, who is a photographer, had a great job. His job was to go to Hawaii and take pictures of humpback whales. As you can imagine, the whole family decided to go, too!
On their first day, Carter went out with his dad. They walked along the beach and looked and looked for whales out in the water. They didn’t see anything and just as they were about to give up, Carter thought he saw something.
“Whale!” he cried to his dad.
His dad grabbed his camera and looked in the direction Carter was pointing.
“Did you see one?” his dad asked, excited.
Carter wasn’t sure, but it was so great to see his dad this excited. It made him happy to be helping his dad.
“I think so,” he said, not sure if he was telling the truth or not.
“Good work, son,” Carter’s dad beamed. “This one got away, but tomorrow we’ll go out on the boat.”
The next day, Carter wanted so badly to see the whale first. Every interesting thing on the water made him call “Whale!” He knew they weren’t really whales, but he really wanted to spot one.
Soon, his dad figured out what was happening. “Carter, you can’t call ‘whale’ every time the boat dips.”
But all afternoon, Carter kept calling “Whale!”
But then it happened! Carter saw a brilliant black fin rise above the water. “Dad,” he called, “whale!”
“Carter,” his dad answered in a tired voice, “not now. I’m looking out this side of the boat.”
“Dad!” Carter tried again, watching the massive whale rise above the water.
“Whale!” someone else shouted, and this time Carter’s dad turned. He reached for his camera, but it was too late. The whale was gone.
“Dad,” Carter said, “if only you had come when I called you!”
“You’ve been calling ‘whale’ all day, son,” his dad explained. “I had no reason to believe that you were telling the truth now.”
Carter hung his head. He knew that what his dad said was true. “I’m sorry, dad. If I promise not to do that anymore, can I come back out with you again tomorrow?”
“Sure, son,” his dad smiled. “Just don’t be the boy who cried whale!”
The Bible tells us to always tell the truth. If we don’t, people might not believe us when it counts. Remember that and make it a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!
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