Setting Up a Huge Dome

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Yesterday was our first day in Atlanta. The staff of KidsView (me--Ms. Wilona, Ms. Kim, and Ms. Merle), are here for the 59th General Conference session.

We did a nice article that will hopefully explain a bit about what that all means. But in short, General Conference session is a very large gathering of church leaders and members from all over the world who meet for about 10 days to plan things for the next few years, pray and worship together, and most of all, remember that we all serve the same wonderful God who blesses us and takes care of us every day.

Want to see a bit about what went on yesterday, June 22? Scroll on down!

Anyone a Falcons fan? The big meetings are held in the Georgia Dome, home of the Atlanta Falcons. 

Look at all the chairs! These big stacks are all chairs that will be used on the floor of the dome. Notice that the turf you normally see for football games is all covered up!

The chairs for delegates on the floor are being set up. People will be sitting all around the dome in the red chairs. About 80,000 people are expected to attend.

And here's what the main stage will look like, though by the time the meetings officially begin Thursday, it will be even more spectacular!