Ready, Set, Here We Go!

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Yesterday was a big day for arriving delegates, their family members, and set up in the exhibit hall. It was really something to walk through the registration area and see so many people from literally every part of the world. I heard Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, and English in just a span of minutes. People were hugging and happily greeting each other as some clearly hadn't seen the other in a very long time. There was a lot of excitement in the air for sure!

Want to see a little? Scroll on down!

This was the scene as I rode the very long elevator down into the registration area. This was the first stop for arriving delegates. They checked in through specials booths divided up by divisions (the world territories they belong to).

A delegation from Asia takes a rest right there in the registration area. Many delegates came straight here from the airport without stopping at their hotels first. I saw lots of suitcases and tired, but happy faces.

Did you know there is a day camp going on for children of session delegates?
The nice folks from Potomac Conference (USA) and Camp Blueridge in Virginia have brought the camp experience here. Families sign their kids up at this booth each day and a bus picks up campers in the morning, takes them to their site, and brings them back in the evening. We'll have more about that soon.

Miclen LaiPang is a 14-year-old violin virtuoso and he played for a special afternoon worship. This is his second time performing at a GC session. He played in St. Louis when he was just 9-years-old. Miclen will hold a special mini concert on Monday, June 28. I got to interview him for a story we hope to do in the Adventist Review.
Funny sidebar: I went to high school with Miclen's sister and the last time I saw him, he was a really cute baby!