The First Official Day

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Though we have have been here since Monday (and for many people here, since last week), today was the first official day of the 59th General Conference session. Most if not all of the delegates had arrived and checked in, and were all ready for the first official opening business meeting, which started in the afternoon. The exhibition booth officially opened too, which was a highlight for many people. Because, as some might say, the booths are where the fun stuff is!

Want to see what we saw? Scroll on down!

Remember our picture from a couple of days ago--the one with all the chairs getting set up? Today, all the delegates seats were in place and filled! This is a view from the press box which is way at the top of the dome.

I went around the back, left side of the dome floor to get a glimpse of the all the delegates listening to the business meeting and voting on a few important issues facing church leaders.

And this is why we love jumbotrons. The dome is so big that even if you are sitting on the floor level, it becomes very hard to see what is happening on the main stage. Luckily these giant jumbotrons are here to show the audience everything they are missing. Just imagine how the people in the nosebleed section appreciate them!

Even in the middle of a grown-up business meeting, we found kids. These are our new friends from Romania--8-year-old Emma-Antonia Asaneche (left), and her sister, 10-year-old Teodora-Carmen. Their dad is a delegate and they were spending the afternoon with their mother while they waited for him.

Did you know we have a special room dedicated just to prayer here? I quickly took a picture of this solemn place that is quiet and softly lit and provides comfortable places for people to come and talk to God.

With lots of families at the session, there are lots of kids, and we are very excited about that. These four girls are here from Maryland, and I caught up with them as they were leaving the just-opened exhibition hall. From left to right, sisters Christen, Carmen, and Carolina, and their friend Mia.

Yup, we have a booth too! Here's our big "zion" backdrop for the Adventist Review booth. At our booth, we have issues of Adventist Review, Adventist World, and KidsView magazines available as well as lots of cool giveaways like magnets, pens, and really cool KidsView beach balls!

And here we are! If you come to the booth this is what you'll see. Please come by if you are here or coming here, and stay tuned for more!