Friday Highlights

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The day before the first Sabbath of GC session was a fun and busy one. The church got a new president (see story), elected a new Secretary, the day sped ahead with a bustling and interesting exhibition hall. There were so many things going on. We were very busy in the Adventist Review/KidsView office getting stories in about the many developments of the day. But we managed to get out and capture a few fun things.

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One of the neatest things about a GC session is all the new people you meet from around the world. We ate lunch with two delegates from Poland. They let us take their picture and then took ours.

Here is a another new friend we met from Mexico. We enjoyed talking about Mexico's soccer team and the World Cup going on right now.

After lunch, Kimberly Maran (KidsView's content editor and the young adult editor for Adventist Review), conducted a great meeting with a group of young delegates to the session. These awesome people are all under age 30. The gentleman to Ms. Maran's right is from Botswana, and the young lady to her left, is from Finland. The man you see in the blue shirt is Adventist Review's managing editor, Stephen Chavez.

GC session sure is tiring! This man is trying to catch a quick nap before supper and the evening program.

Friday was the first day the exhibition hall for opened for the entire day. There were many cool things to see and do. The folks from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska had a rock climbing wall for kids. I was kind of wishing I could do it!

The Hope Channel booth is one of the largest in the hall. They have a main stage for mini concerts going on during the session. Their mascot waved hello to us.

Those Union College people had some real cool stuff at the booth--including this fully functioning VW bus! People could climb into it to take pictures and many of them did.