A Very Busy Sabbath

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Sabbaths can be very peaceful and they can also be very busy. Here at GC session, I'd say this special day was a little bit of both. We visited primary Sabbath school and met many children from all over. Then, we went to church from our perch in the press box. Have you ever watched a sermon preached on a jumbotron? For many that was the only way to see anything! There were several music programs throughout afternoon and evening as well. And everywhere we went there were tons of people!

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Children arrived at the primary Sabbath school room bright and early. There were about 100 kids we think--likely the largest Sabbath school many of these children had ever attended.

On a mission to share Jesus! The program leader for the day welcomes the kids. All the children were divided into groups with a special helper assigned to each group. They all sat on the floor around large flower-shaped mats. Leaders were great at helping them get acquainted with each other.

It was sitting room only. Notice the cool little hut over there? Kids could go inside to explore it!

What would Sabbath school be with story time? This nice lady didn't disappoint, with her exciting story from the mission field.

Then it was time for church. Though the staff of the Adventist Review gets special seating in the front, we decided to check it out from the press box. This picture gives you an idea of how high up we were!

Sabbaths at GC session are probably the most well-attended days of the entire event. The cameras scanned the crowd and here's what it looked like on the jumbotron.

Elder Matthew Bediako has been the secretary of the General Conference for several years and now he is retiring. He and his wife spoke to the audience and then he preached the morning sermon.

Some of you may know who Wintley Phipps is. He is a wonderful singer and sang an incredible version of Amazing Grace. I wish you could have heard how awesome it sounded in the Georgia Dome.

There were two afternoon music programs that featured many wonderful performers from all over the world. These are  sisters from Maryland otherwise known as 4 Christ. If they were nervous at all, they sure didn't show it.

This is Paul Attle, Jr. His string group was one of the first performers during the 4 'o clock program on Sabbath.