Racing, Day Camping, and Other Fun

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Sundays are normally very low-key days for most people. But here at GC session, it was a regular working day for us as the meetings were in full swing and the exhibition hall bustling. Aside from the business meetings, there was a run/walk, another full day in the exhibit hall, and campers from the day camp enjoyed the Georgia Aquarium.

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Sunday morning started bright and early for about 330 people in Atlanta. The Adventist Race for Health--a 5k and 10k run/walk, kicked off at 7 a.m. in Centennial Olympic park (just down the street from the Georgia dome). These are some of the race organizers. Left: Pastor Albert Handle, Pastor Dave Ketelsen, and Dr. DeWitt Williams.

There were racers of all ages including this sweet 2-year-old. Joshua is from Georgia, and though he didn't run the entire race himself, he did charge down through the finish line on his own! We caught up with him in the congress center later that morning.

And that's me (Wilona Karimabadi, your happy KidsView editor). I completed the 5k race that morning. Normally that is a very comfortable distance, but the heat in Atlanta by the end of my race near 8 a.m., was already close to 80 degrees and very, very humid. As you can see, I was pretty hot and tired, but glad that I participated in such a great event. The Gatorade and granola bars they gave us afterward were really yummy and hit the spot! (Photo: Terrence Bowen, NAD)

Later in the day, I got the chance to walk around the main congress center hall on my way to spend some time at our AR/KidsView booth. There were several exhibits set up there including this mini-concert stage where people could listen to the really nice singing these ladies provided.

There was even place to get your Bible stamped with your name if you chose. I don't know if it was a free service, but if I had my Bible with me, I would have enjoyed getting that done. Maybe later?

A visit to our KidsView/AR booth from 3 p.m. until 4 :30 p.m., will get you this! Our supplies are limited and we have to make them last the whole week, so that is why we give those balls away at that time. But we have lots of KidsViews and KidsView magnets to go around and guests are welcome to come by and get them at any time!

There is a GC Day Camp going on and kids go out from about 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day. I arrived at their booth just in time to catch the group on their return from a day at the Georgia Aquarium (which is right around the corner from us).

This is Jessica. She is 11 years-old and lives in West Virginia. She told us that GC Day Camp is pretty fun and has enjoyed meetings kids from other parts of the world. She even made a new friend from Australia and thinks that they will stay in touch with e-mail once they both return to their homes.