Glimpes of Many Different Scenes

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Perhaps one of the most interesting things about a GC session is the chance to see all kinds of different things--people, colors, scenes--in the same place in a pretty short amount of time. You don't normally see so many people from different cultures, or hear so many unfamiliar languages spoken, or witness funny, interesting scenes during the course of one short day. This has been one of my favorite parts of being here in Atlanta.

Come take a look!

The meetings continue. Over at the Georgia dome floor, delegates continue to meet and debate many important issues facing the church. I visited the dome just as one session was wrapping and a new one was starting. It was a busy scene as delegates arrived and left at the same time while listening to the speaker and watching him on the jumbotron.

Before entering the dome, bags must be checked in order to insure people are not bringing things into the dome that they shouldn't. That includes food and drinks. Each of these security personnel are very kind and are doing their best to get their jobs done. Some, who are not Adventists, have taken to wishing people Happy Sabbath too! These great men and women have taken good care of all of us here during this session.

Most delegates and staff personnel (and their families) use this parking lot tunnel of sorts to get from the congress center to the dome and back and forth, many times a day. Looks like these two might have recently visited the exhibition hall and picked up one of the many free balloons that were handed out.

There are many elevators throughout the congress center and dome, and they are always teeming with people. I don't think I have been on an elevator by myself during the entire 10 days I have been here.

This is Amanecer Vocal Group from Argentina. These guys are extremely talented and they sang for an afternoon concert in one of the large ballrooms here. It was really great to have them here since Adventist Review did a cover feature on them almost a year ago, and here at session, we finally got to meet them in person.

These guys from Korea had the most amazing national costumes. There were so many people from all over the world walking around in the their national costumes as some were participating in special reports from their homelands in the evening program. It was always fun to see all the amazing colors and outfits.

If you saw our photo blog from yesterday, you remember I promised you a picture of a few special guests to the Adventist Review/KidsView booth. Here they are! Meet our family of "zions!" They are zebra-striped white lions and sadly, they do not exist in nature. Rather, they are part of a our creative campaign to spread the word about our magazines. But who knows, maybe in heaven there will be all kinds of surprises for us in the forms of animals that only exist in our imagination right now.

This is a huge banner for the enditnow campaign sponsored by ADRA and the General Conference Department of Womens' Ministries. This is a very important campaign to collect support to stop violence against women and girls throughout the world. People from everywhere are signing these large banners to let the world know Seventh-day Adventists are doing something to stop the hurting of women and girls. KidsView's content editor Kimberly Maran signs the banner at the ADRA exhibit.

That's me with the disciple Peter. Not the real one of course. This exhibit had large cut-out figures of the 12 disciples and information about each one. It is important for us to know more about these people who were so special to Jesus during his ministry on earth.

And here is their depiction of Jesus. No one knows what He really looks like, but I am very excited about finding out very soon! Are you?

If you are very lucky here at GC session, sometimes you will run into Roman soldiers. This isn't one left over from Jesus' time on earth, but Dick Stenbakken (our friend here), wore this cool outfit around the congress area to take people back in time.

Like I've shared before, the exhibit hall is awesome for all the free treats one can pick up while there. Here's a sample of Weet-Bix--perhaps you have had it for breakfast? It is produced by the Sanitarium Health folks in Australia. They handed out free packets and I got this one. I had it for breakfast this morning. It's a pretty cool product, not only because it is good for you, but also because when you put it in a bowl with milk, it will soak up all the liquid and expand like a sponge. It then becomes kind of like a nice bowl of nourishing oatmeal except that you can enjoy it hot or cold!