Heading Into the Final Stretch

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Thursday signaled the final stretch into the last weekend of session. For all of us, that means we are going home to family and friends many of us have been away from from almost two weeks. It has been a busy but wonderful time here at session. I personally got all kinds of blessings that I wasn't expecting to recieve here. Things like meeting old friends and seeing where they are in life, getting to meet the subjects of two cover stories I have done over the past couple of years (such a cool thing!), hearing from and meeting readers of KidsView from all over, etc. The list could go on. And now we are winding down our busy time here and getting ready for a very full Sabbath.

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Look at this sweet fan of KidsView and our furry friends! Meeting kids like this one was certainly a highlight for us when we got a chance to spend time at our booth.

This mariachi group performed in the dome the other day. We were lucky to catch them playing in the exhibition hall to the delight of anyone who was nearby.

We attended the last of division reports during the evening meeting. Each evening, 2-3 of the world's 13 divisions in our church shared reports from their home territories. The programs also included great music. This group sang in French and they were very good.

We LOVE this boy's Australian flag blow up hand! He was part of the delegation from the South Pacific Division. This territory includes Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Papua New Guinea and the islands near there. They had a really nice presentation featuring a pilot who flies his plane into the most remote areas of their territory to bring Jesus (and many wonderful ways) to the people there.

Beautiful people, beautiful flag. It makes us proud to know that we all belong to the same family.

The islands of French Polynesia are part of this division. This woman (in white) spoke in French about how the love of Christ is the total reason that she is here at session. She reminded us that that same love is why we are all here too. We couldn't agree more. Her friend in the pretty red and white dress translated her message into English.

The delegation from the Southern Asia Division (India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives) had a large group on stage. Here, a group of them sang a song in Hindi. The nice lady right there in the middle of the picture (in light pink) is my aunt. :) She and her husband (my uncle) came all the way from India for this meeting and were very excited to be here. It was special for me because I got to visit with them in the midst of how hard we've been working here.

This childrens' choir wowed the audience that night with their beautiful singing, adorable faces, and amazing national costumes. Do you know where they are from? Write to us and tell us if you do! kidsview@adventistreview.org

And here we say goodbye to our session-issued phones. Most everyone from the General Conference headquarters who were here working at the session received these little phones that were already loaded with helpful numbers. They were funny little things that didn't always work so well, but we carried them around anyway. Today, we say goodbye to them as they go back to the session managers who gave them to us. Goodbye little phones! We'll miss you!