The Last Sabbath

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Sabbaths at a GC session are very special days, but the last Sabbath of the 10-day event is extraordinary. We knew something big was happening as the crowds got bigger and bigger by the end of the week, but on Sabbath it was something else! My hotel window overlooked Centennial Olympic Park and the you could see the Georgia Dome just beyond that. So on Sabbath morning as I was getting ready, I looked out and saw crowds of people walking and very long traffic jams. I'd say two highlights of the day that drew the large crowds (some say about 50,000 people were there for Sabbath alone), were the morning sermon by new president Ted Wilson and the Parade of Nations in the evening.

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Just look at all the people! From my view in one of the box suites, all these people looked like tiny little things. Here, Ted Wilson is reading a letter from U.S. President Barack Obama, who was sending his greetings to all the Seventh-day Adventists gathered in Atlanta.

Luckily, there was a nice monitor in our suite to help us see better. The sound in the dome was great and it was very easy to hear what was being said (for the most part). But it was very helpful to have these screens around (not forgetting the huge jumbo trons) as we listened to Elder Wilson's morning message.

Remember us? That's me (left) and Ms. Kimberly Maran (KidsView content editor), taking a picture of ourselves to say hello to all of you out there! We were very happy that a busy two weeks were behind us, it was Sabbath, and that we were flying home to our husbands and children the next day. We missed them so much!

The evening program and Parade of Nations on the last Sabbath of session were great. These are the Aeolians from Oakwood University (Alabama, U.S.A.). They were beyond amazing. I wish you could hear how incredibly talented they were and how magnificent they sounded in the Georgia Dome. I got goose bumps listening to them!

This was such a nice song. It was about seeing a glimpse of the treasures God has in store for us and knowing that we are very close to going to heaven if we just stick by Him. Look at all the people behind the singer too! The dome looked so full! (and it was).

Here are some very important leaders for our church. From left to right, new president Ted N.C. Wilson, new secretary G.T. Ng, treasurer Robert Lemon, former secretary Matthew Bediako, and former president Jan Paulsen.

On to the Parade of Nations! The groups representing all the countries of the world came accross the stage kind of quickly so I had to snap my pictures fast! We caught the representatives from Argentina here.

These are the great people from the countries of the South Pacific Division.

These are people from the Trans European Division. There were so many colors and very cool looking flags everywhere!