“Jesus also said, ‘The Kingdom of God is like a farmer who scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, while he’s asleep or awake, the seed sprouts and grows, but he does not understand how it happens.’” (Mark 4: 26-27)
Soon the weather will cool down and then do you know what season it will be? Apple season! Do you like apples? Even if you’re not a big fan of apples, maybe you’re a fan of the man we’re going to talk about today—Johnny Appleseed!
John Chapman, Johnny Appleseed as he is known, lived when America was still a brand new country. He was born in 1774 and he was a kind man who loved animals. When he was about 23 years old, he moved to Pennsylvania. Back then Pennsylvania had very few people living in it.
John set up an apple nursery—he grew apple trees. As people moved into the area, he sold them baby apple trees. The settlers planted the trees and they grew and grew. Apples were an important part of many of the settlers’ meals.
John became very rich from selling apple trees, but you wouldn’t know it if you met him. He soon left Pennsylvania and traveled all around Ohio and Indiana. He walked barefoot most of the time and dressed wearing a burlap sack for a shirt.
He used burlap sacks to carry his apple seeds, too, and he always had several bags with him. Whenever he passed settlers, he gave them a bag of apple seeds for their farm. That is how he came to be known as “Johnny Appleseed.”
John loved apples, and he spread the seeds all over. Do you know what else he spread? The love of God. Yes, Johnny Appleseed was a Christian and wherever he went, he told others about God and His love. He was a sower of apples, and a sower of God’s love.
Doesn’t it make you happy to think about Johnny Appleseed walking all over, barefoot, sowing apples and God’s love? I want to sow God’s love wherever I go, too. Do you want to know something else interesting about Johnny? Some say that he had perfect, white teeth. Hmm, must have been the vitamins in all those apples!
The next time you dig your teeth into a cool, crisp apple, remember Johnny Appleseed. Sow God’s love wherever you go, and make it a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!
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