One summer James, Ellen, and Willie White were camping in one of their favorite places, the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Willie liked watching the otters play in the beautiful lake close to where the Whites had pitched their tent. The family went boating, hiking, and berry picking, enjoying the quiet of this beautiful place. 
Mr. and Mrs. White took advantage of the opportunity to do some writing. Ellen White was working on a manuscript that would later become part of The Desire of Ages, and James had a deadline to finish a pamphlet for the publishing house at Battle Creek, Michigan. When Mr. White learned that some nearby fishermen were going to hike out the next day and could deliver the pamphlet to the post office, he decided to stay up late and finish the tract. But supplies had run low, and there were no candles.
“Willie, do you remember the dead wolf we saw on our hike today?” Mr. White asked his son. “Would you please take your knife and a pan, go back to the carcass, and scrape off all the fat?”
When Willie returned with the wolf fat, Mr. White melted it into oil, used twisted rags for wicks, and lit his homemade “candle.” By midnight, Mr. White finished the pamphlet and sent it out with the fishermen the next morning!
Here’s a craft to remind you of that story: 
You’ll need one plain-colored mug or teacup (if you don’t have one at home, try a second-hand store or "dollar store"), acrylic paint, paintbrushes, a fine-point permanent marker, and a floating candle.
Draw a simple nature picture on both sides of the cup with permanent marker. Fill in your pictures with acrylic paints. Let the paint dry. Fill the cup with water and add a floating candle. 
Turn down the lights and have family worship time by candlelight. Maybe you could even tell stories of the Adventist pioneers!