Amir Gulzar and his family are missionaries from Pakistan.They are serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo on the continent of Africa. Professor Gulzar teaches business and computer science at the Adventist university at Lukanga.
When Mr. Gulzar was invited to conduct evangelistic meetings in Oicha he was delighted to accept. During that time he and his wife and daughter stayed with the local pastor’s family. From the moment they stepped into the pastor’s house, one of the children caught his attention. Twelve-year-old Genick seemed different from other children his age.
At 6:30 each morning, Mr. Gulzar and his evangelistic team would go from house to house in the community to have Bible studies with people before they left to work in their fields. But at 6:00 a.m. Genick would get up early and join his father and Professor Gulzar for prayer before they left for the day.
At first Mr. Gulzar was surprised that Genick would get up so early to join them. And then he was surprised that Genick came along to the Bible studies instead of going out to play. He was even more surprised when Genick told him that he and two of his friends were giving Bible studies to several people. “One of our students is a professor, just like you are,” he said. 
A professor? How could three young boys give Bible studies to a professor? Mr. Gulzar was astonished and wondered if it was really true. 
One day Genick asked Mr. Gulzar if he would come with them to the other professor’s house to help answer some of the questions the family had. Soon he was following the boys down one street after another. Finally they arrived at the professor’s house. Mr. Gulzar was impressed by the warmth that the family extended to the boys, and at the competency in which Genick quoted the appropriate scriptures throughout the lesson.
At the end of the study the professor praised the team of young evangelists who had been coming to his house to teach Bible lessons. Then he said, “I have come to understand why the Adventist Church is growing so fast. It is because even the children have the courage to go out and give Bible studies to others.”
Mr. Gulzar was touched by the dedication of Genick and his friends. They weren’t waiting until they were grown up to start working for God. They had already started working for Him! With new respect and insight, he realized that children really do have an important role in the mission of the church.
At the end of the series of meetings, 36 people had decided to be baptized. Genick and his friends have been praying earnestly for all of their Bible students, and they are still studying with the professor.
Would you be surprised to learn that Genick has been asked to be the Children’s Ministries leader for the whole district where he lives? Now he is busier than ever.