My name is Jax Boyd and I am five years old. My sister is Amberlyn, and she is three. We have lived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for more than three years.
Christmas in Taiwan is so much different than the ones we used to have in Walla Walla, Washington. When we were there, we would pray that Jesus would bring us snow for Christmas day. We love making snow angels, and snowmen, and having snowball fights. We know for sure that we won’t have snow in Taiwan! When it’s 80 to 90 degrees outside, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.
Another part of Christmas that is different in Taiwan is that nobody decorates their houses. No lights on the outside, and no pretty pictures on the lawn.  You won’t see any scenes with Baby Jesus. Most of the children don’t know who Jesus is or why we celebrate Christmas. And if they do know about Christmas, they think it is only about Santa Claus and getting presents. 
My daddy is the pastor of our church, so he and some of the members put together a special Christmas program. Every December we travel all over Taiwan to sing about the “Gift of God.”
One Christmas my family and I were back in Walla Walla. Like always, Great-Grandma made the best Christmas candy. She made fudge, popcorn balls, divinity, and peanut brittle. It is too expensive to ship to Taiwan, so I really miss it. A few weeks ago Great- Grandma went to sleep in Jesus so we won’t get to see her again, at least not until Jesus comes.
We still have Grammy and Grandpa, though, and now Grandpa will make the candy that Great- Grandma used to make. We miss being so far away from them, and we also miss Uncle Max, Uncle Monte, and their families. 
But I’m not really sad at Christmas- time, because I have Mommy, Daddy, and Amberlyn. And, of course, Jesus is always with me.
A few years ago Daddy bought an artificial tree because there are no real Christmas trees in Taiwan. The pile of presents under our tree is not so high, because we are missionaries. But Jesus makes sure we have everything we need, plus one or two toys!
We always have a Christmas party with our friends from church. Daddy takes pictures and we have a lot fun remembering Jesus’ gift to us, opening presents, and eating lots of good food!
I almost forgot one thing. You won’t believe it, but when we go back to Walla Walla in February, Grammy and Grandpa still have their Christmas tree up! They save the lights and presents and everything until we get there, just like it was Christmas all over again.
I hope that no matter where you are for Christmas, you will always remember that without Jesus, we wouldn’t have Christmas at all.