Charlotte Ishkanian has been writing mission stories for children and adults for more than 20 years. She travels all around the world to big cities, towns, and a far away villages to meet people who share their stories. While she's there she learns about the upcoming mission projects we will be supporting as a church family. When she returns to the office, she prepares the stories and photos she has collected.

Miss Charlotte has had many experiences throughout her travels around the globe to collect mission stories. In Cuba she flew in an airplane that was 60 years old. It seemed to fly so slowly, she wondered if it would stop in mid-air.

In the Republic of Georgia has rode in an old car and was startled to see an AK-47 rifle on the seat next to her. She was careful not to touch it.

In the Philippines she was on her way to a baptism at a church on a small island just off the mainland. She rode on a large boat until the water became too shallow. As she was stepping off the big boat into a small rowboat, she missed her footing and fell backwards. Fortunately landed in the boat! It was the only time she has ever attended church with muddy clothes.

When asked about the most remote place she has ever visited, Miss Charlotte had to think a little bit. Then she remembered her trip to South Sudan. Here's what she says about the experience.

"Beverly and Carl Koester, who were missionaries, drove some African boys and me to the Adventist school in Maridi. We had only a short-wave radio to contact the outside world. The main road running east-west across southern Sudan looked more like a tractor track leading to a farmer's barn. The only traffic on the road was international aid trucks carrying food and supplies to refugees, and peopl elike us who were driving four-wheeled drive vehicles. The road is famous for its swamps. These soft, water-logged areas are well-known for bogging down large trucks and cars. Sometimes trucks are stuck for almost three months until teh rainy season gives way into the dry season.

"Beverly and I stayed in a real mud hut. We had to put a sheet over the door to keep the animals out. And since my suitcase got lost, I had to buy three African booboos to wear. These are comfortable long dresses in varying colors and design. We didn't have an electricity, but we figured out how to be resourceful and do our work without it. All in all, this was a wonderful trip."

Miss Charlotte says that wherever she has traveled, she has never felt alone or far away. She has discovered that she is always with friends, bound together by God's love.