Andrew wanted to quit his job and go to Andrews University in Michigan (United States). He was working for a newspaper in Russia. Andrew prayed about it and talked to his parents. He realized that Jesus wanted him to stay in Russia.

After meeting with Chuck Sandefur, then president of ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency), however, Andrew started dreaming again of other places and jobs. Maybe he would start a new life of service in Central Asia, or Kenya, or . . .

Andrew sent an e-mail to Sandefur to ask about a job. He got a reply to the e-mail but there wasn’t a job for him. Andrew sent articles to the Adventist Review. More silence.

Months passed. Andrew got an e-mail from someone who mentioned him to Dale Galusha, president of Pacific Press Publishing Association in Idaho. No job openings. Andrew also met Howard Faigao, director of Publishing Ministries at the General Conference in Maryland, at Sabbath school in Russia. Andrew was hopeful, but Faigao had no job for him.

One morning while reading the Sabbath school lesson, Andrew realized that his approach wasn’t correct. Peter and Andrew, who first met Jesus at the time of His baptism, only left their jobs months later when Jesus called them. John and James also only quit their jobs at Jesus’ call. The same was true for Abram, Saul, and David. “You did not choose me, but I chose you,” Jesus told His disciples (John 15:16, NIV).

“Jesus, I give up,” Andrew prayed. “I’ll wait for You to call me; and I’ll serve wherever you want.”

A few minutes later, Andrew switched on his computer to check his e-mail. A letter was waiting from the Adventist Review. A story he had submitted long ago would soon be published. Andrew prayed right away, thanking God.

The Review article led to a cover story and later Andrew was asked to be an official Review columnist, something he is still doing a few years later!

Andrew still doesn’t have his dream job. But that doesn’t matter. His current work is exactly what Jesus has called him to do— and that makes it the best job in the world.

—Adapted from Andrews McChesney’s “The Best Job in the World,” column in the Feb. 24, 2010
Adventist Review. McChesney is a journalist in Moscow, Russia.

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