One Friday night, fourteen year old Nellie and her mother went to prayer meeting.  James and Ellen White were the speakers. Nellie listened carefully as Ellen White told the congregation that we are not making the preparation to meet Jesus that we ought to be making. Jesus is coming soon, and we must be ready. 

Suddenly, while Ellen White was speaking, she seemed to fall backward to the floor. She didn’t drop on the floor with a thud, but it seemed as if angel hands were gently letting her down. Nellie was afraid that Ellen White had fainted! But James White reassured the congregation that Ellen had not fainted but was having a vision.

Then Elder White said, “There may be some in this congregation who have doubts about Ellen White’s inspiration and about the visions. If you like, you may come forward and try the physical tests as they are given in the Bible.”

Nellie said, “Mother, why don’t we go up closer and see Sister White as Elder White has invited us to do?” So Nellie and her mother went up together and stood very close to Ellen White’s head. They could see that she did not breathe, though her eyes were open and there was a pleasant expression on her face .  Several strong men tried to unfold Ellen White’s hands, but they were unable to do so. Later, when Ellen White gracefully gestured with her arms and hands, the same men took hold of her wrists, but were completely unable to prevent the motion of her arms.

When Ellen White came out of the vision, Nellie and the other people at the prayer meeting were eager to hear what she had seen. Ellen White told them that she had seen the bright and beautiful home that God is preparing for his people in heaven. But she had also seen the destruction of the wicked. She had even seen some who had previously been Adventist Christians among those who were lost because they had lost interest in knowing Jesus and obeying Him.

As Ellen spoke about heaven, she said   ”If you had been there, you would never allow anything in this world tempt you to give up
eternal life.”

Nellie was very glad she had chosen to go to such a special prayer meeting! 

As told by Arthur White in Campfire Junior Stories. You can read Ellen White’s account of this vision in Testimonies Vol. 2, pp. 112-199.