This is a short Bible study on Baptism. Why not grab your Bible, a pen, print this page out and get started?

1. Read Romans 6:3-6. Paul compares baptism to Jesus' death and resurrection. How is Jesus being buried in a tomb and then resurrected like being baptized?

2. Turn to John 3:22-24. What was it that Jesus and His disciples were doing that John also was doing? Why do you think the text says John chose a spot with plenty of water?

3. Matthew 3: 13-17 tells a story about Jesus. Fill in the blanks after reading the text:

Jesus came to the _________________ River to be baptized by _____________________. John Jesus, "I shouldn't baptize You. You

should baptize ______________!" Jesus wanted to be ____________________ just as He asks us to be baptized. John put Jesus in

the water to baptize Him. When Jesus came up out of the water, ___________________ opened and the ____________________

of God came down in the form of a ______________________. Then a voice from heaven said, " __________________________


4. Mark 16: 16 says: "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned." Look up the word "believe" in a dictionary and write waht it means:


Why do you think believing and baptism go together?


5. Read Acts 2:38. What does a person receive once they are baptized?


6. In Acts 22 Paul is telling his story. Fill in the blanks with the words from verse 16: "And now what are you

__________________________ for? ___________________________ up, be ______________________ and

_________________________ you ___________________________ away,

calling on his __________________________."

How do you think Paul sounded when he said this to the people?


--Cindy Tutsch works in the Ellen G. Whtie Estate. Pastor Tutsch assisted KidsView with these texts that help us understand all about baptism from the Bible.