Rob and Cynthia Kyle, from the United States, are missionaries in Guam. Rob serves as the physical therapy director at the Seventh-day Adventist clinic, and Cynthia homeschools their four sons. In their spare time the family enjoys jungle surfing (sometimes called zip-lining) and leading out in a neighborhood kids’ club.
It is another hectic Wednesday, and it’s almost 4:00 p.m. That means that company is coming! They never know for sure how many guests will come, but they know they need to be ready for at least 8-21 kids to come through the door.

After moving to Guam a few years ago the Kyle family wanted to do a special work for Jesus on that beautiful island. They decided it would be fun to start a club with games and crafts for the kids in their neighborhood. It was so much fun; they decided to extend the time to include a meal and a Bible study for those who wanted to stay.

Each family member has a job to do. Christopher (12) and Jacob (10) participate in the club activities and help get things ready. Robby (16) and Benjamin (15) help out with the baking and the games. Around 5:30 p.m. Benjamin starts preparing the meal. When their dad gets home from work, they start Bible study and have time for questions. This has paved the way for some great discussions about faith.

Getting together regularly has helped the Kyle family get to know the kids in the neighborhood. They have gone hiking, worked on school projects, and played on waterslides together. Occasionally they discuss how to overcome personal struggles. Sometimes several of the kids go to church with the family. More than anything else, the Kyle family wants to love their neighbors just as Jesus would. 

What can you do in your neighborhood?

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