“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” (James 5:16)
Benson is a big basketball fan. During every recess at school, he runs for the basketball courts. He loves to play basketball, read about basketball, talk about basketball and watch basketball on TV, too.
When his school planned a special school spirit day called “Sports Day,” Benson was excited. He decided that he just HAD to have a jersey from his favorite basketball team to wear to school.
There was one problem though. Benson didn’t have any money, and he didn’t know if his parents would agree to buy him one. “Oh, Benson,” his parents said when he asked. “Those are really expensive. Couldn’t we just make you something to wear?”
Benson sighed, but he agreed. He knew that his parents didn’t have a lot of extra money. “OK,” he said. “Can I use one of dad’s old t-shirts?”
In his mom’s sewing box, Benson found some markers that could write on fabric. He and his mom drew the team name on the shirt. It wasn’t great, but it didn’t look too bad. As they decorated, it wasn’t what Benson had hoped or prayed for, but he knew it was better than nothing.
The day before Sports Day, Benson’s mom took him to the store with her to run an errand. Walking towards the back of the store, Benson spotted something. He saw little sew-on patches in the shape of numbers.
“Mom,” he called out, “look! These number patches would be perfect for my shirt. I can put my favorite player’s number on the sleeve. It’ll make my shirt look like a real jersey. Please can I get them?”
“No, Son” his mom answered. “I’m not going to buy those for you.”
Benson was upset. He folded his arms together and pouted! “It’s just a couple of little patches,” he thought. “They barely cost a dollar. I NEVER get what I want!”
Still pouting, Benson stomped along as he followed his mom. “What do you need in this store anyway?” he asked in a cranky voice.
His mom smiled and turned the corner. “This!” she answered, holding out a beautiful jersey from his favorite basketball team. “I just needed you with me to make sure I got the right size!”
Benson grinned. “Oh Mom,” he said, “thank you!”
Mom hugged him. “Your dad figured we should get you one,” she said smiling. “He doesn’t think that we’re very good t-shirt artists!”
Benson was so happy. He didn’t even think about the little sew-on patches again!
You see, when we pray and ask God for something, sometimes His answer is “No.”
Do you know why He has to answer “No”? Because He often has something so much BETTER in mind for us that we wouldn’t even think to ask for it! Isn’t God good?
Today, be thankful for all your answers to prayer, even the “no” answers, and make it a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!
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