You may have heard stories about Ellen White being helpful to others. But this story is about someone who was VERY helpful to her, and that someone was her own son!

Ellen White was a missionary in Australia many years ago. Her son Willie and his family were also missionaries “down under.” One day Ellen and Willie took a trip to New Zealand for a camp meeting. She wasn’t feeling too well, but she knew from experience that God would give her strength to preach when the time came.

Early one morning she woke at a house that was a little less than a mile from the camp meeting grounds. Ellen wanted to attend the early-morning meeting, but no one was up yet at the house. So Ellen decided to walk to the camp meeting. But because she had been sick so long, she had forgotten how much energy it took to walk even a short distance. 

Suddenly she heard a noise behind her. Through the morning mists she could see the faint outline of a buggy—but no horse! Thinking her eyes were playing tricks on her, she watched the buggy approach. Then she burst out laughing.

Right there between the carriage shafts ran her son Willie, huffing and puffing up the road with the buggy behind him. He had wakened, looked out the window, and seen his mother walking toward the camp meeting. Into his clothes he jumped and ran to the barn. But there was no time to harness a horse. Jumping between the shafts himself, he grabbed one in each hand and began running with the buggy.

“Mother!” he called. “Wait! I’ve brought the buggy. You shouldn’t try to walk so far when you’ve been sick. Please get in and let me pull you to the meeting.”

Chuckling, Mrs. White allowed Willie to help her into the seat. Taking his place again, he pulled the wagon down the road. When one of the other pastors spotted him at the edge of the camp grounds, he ran to help pull the buggy to the entrance of the main tent. Many people smiled at Mrs. White’s unusual team of horses!

After Ellen White’s husband, James, passed away, she continued on in ministry for another 33 years. Many times throughout those years Ellen White thanked God for all the help that her son Willie gave her.

What have you done lately to bring joy to the people at your house?

Adapted from Spirit of Prophecy Emphasis Stories, Vol IV.