Summer vacation is right around the corner. Since this is KidsView’s last edition of the school year, we wanted to give you guys some great summer reading ideas to keep you busy and your imaginations engaged. And if you still want to read KidsView through the summer months, don’t worry! Our complete June and July issues will be available on our Web site for you to read online or print out and share! Just visit us at To find these books, go to
Giant Boots
By David Edgren
Illustrated by Glendon Harris
“This wonderfully illustrated chapter book will keep young, confident readers glued to every page. Giant Boots is an exciting allegory dealing with the important values of humility, responsibility, interdependence, and trust.”

Guide’s Greatest Rescue Stories
Edited by Lori Peckham
“Falling into a bear trap—on top of the bear. Being chased by a hungry crocodile. Tumbling headfirst into a barrelful of icy water. Stepping on a snake in the dark. Plunging 275 feet down a 16-inch pipe. Living with four family members for two and a half years in a trench five feet wide, seven feet long, and just 20 inches deep. These stories will remind you that even in the worst situations we can depend on God for help. After all, He’s leading the greatest rescue mission in history!”

Looking After God’s World
By Karen Holford
Illustrated by Chiara Vercesi
“What would it feel like to be God and make a wonderful world? What would it feel like if your beautiful world was ruined? Tim and Susie wonder about these big questions while they build sand castles on the beach. Join their adventures when disaster strikes and they learn how to look after God’s wonderful world.”

Adam & Eve
By Ruth Redding Brand
Illustrations by Raoul Vitale & Darrel Tank
“At first a shoreless ocean covered a coal-black planet. Then God stepped into the inky nothingness and spoke. At the sound of His voice, dazzling light drove back the darkness. With a word God created all that is: sea and sky, lamb and lily. Finally He took a lump of clay, shaped it into human form, and breathed it to life. Eyelids fluttered and opened in wonder. God smiled. ‘Welcome to Eden,’ He said.
But sin invaded Paradise, bringing death. And so began the grand story of redemption: the tragedy of Cain and Abel. Enoch’s walk with God. Noah’s ark and the great Flood. The Tower of Babel. It’s all in these pages, beautifully illustrated with glorious art. A full glossary explains the meaning of names from the first 11 chapters of Genesis. There is something for every member of the family, with differing styles and levels of writing for different ages. Advanced readers will enjoy the Creation and Flood accounts drawn from other cultures. Each Bible story, on a fifth-grade level, is followed by a simpler version of the same story written for tiny tots. These vivid stories for kids of all ages will spark the imagination and nourish the soul.”

Miracle of the Mantle
By Bradley Booth
“Nathan watched in horror at a sight he knew he would never forget as long as he lived. The mother bears came bouncing out onto the road, roaring as though on a mission of vengeance! This screaming crowd of boys was too near their babies for comfort, and they intended on protecting their cubs at all cost. When Nathan first met the prophet Elisha, he had hoped to see a miracle or hear an exciting story. But he surely hadn’t counted on anything like this. What would happen to Amzi and the other boys who had been tormenting the prophet? Nathan’s adventures with the prophet Elisha would take him places and show him things he never expected—floating axheads, oil that never ran out, bitter water turned sweet, even wild bears. Along the way, Nathan would learn incredible lessons about standing up for what he believed in, keeping his faith in Jehovah, and loving even those who wanted to do him harm.”

Prayer Promises for Kids!
By Kay Kuzma and Brenda Walsh
“Jesus has given you many promises in His Book, the Bible, and He wants you to claim those promises when you pray. You can talk to Him anytime; day or night, and He will always hear and answer you. Maybe you have never prayed before, or you want to learn a new way to pray. If so, this book will help you learn how to pray claiming Bible promises. There are more than 100 prayers ready for you to pray. Why don’t you talk to Jesus right now?”

The Hyacinth Chronicles
(Two books in one—Hyacinth Doesn’t Go to Jail and Hyacinth Doesn’t Miss Christmas)
By Patty Froese Nthihemuka
“Meet Hyacinth Gail Pipsner, a charming and mischievous second-grader whose antics will leave you laughing out loud. Hyacinth is the daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Pipsner, little sister to Nolan, and the second grader with the most active imagination in Mrs. Raju’s classroom.”

The Hyacinth Chronicles 2
(Two books in one—Hyacinth Doesn’t Grow Up and Hyacinth Doesn’t Drown)
By Patty Froese Nthihemuka
“Hyacinth is 6 and 7/9 years old; she’s a type A personality, and she’s afraid of the water. How much worse can it get? You’ll laugh out loud at the charming antics of this delightful second-grader. And you’ll smile as she discovers that God hears and answers prayers—even if you’re a foot underwater.”

Secret of the Old Red Barn (A story About Our Church’s Beginning)
By Sandy Zaugg
“Zachariah Matthews is 12 years old and lives on a farm in Michigan with his parents. The year is 1860. His mother is the daughter of Georgia slaveholders, and is not at all pleased when a family of freed slaves moves in next door. She tells Zack to stay away from them. Zack stays in his own yard but begins a secret friendship with Ephraim, the boy next door. To make matters worse, Pa suddenly announces that he is going to study the Bible with the Saturday-Sabbath keepers. Ma believes that somehow she must save her husband from the church with no name, and is even more determined when Zack wants to go too. Oh, and there’s also something very strange going on in the barn.”

Secret of the Yellow Van
By Sandy Zaugg
“It had been only six months ago that her daddy had died of cancer. Jennifer knew other people who had been cured of cancer. Why didn’t God answer her prayers? Was it because she wasn’t good enough? Their mother did her best to comfort Jennifer and her 14-year-old brother, Alex, who is learning to raise and sell exotic birds. One night as the family drove out of the driveway, Alex pointed out a van that was parked on their street.
“‘See that old yellow van?...
“‘It says “Joe’s Bakery” on the side. I saw it there twice last week.’
“‘Is that a problem?“ Mom asked. “‘Lots of people park on the street. Maybe Mrs. Kostenko ordered some baked goods…’
“‘Then why do you suppose the driver just sits in the van?’” Alex asked.”