Hey, kids, I have a question for you! What’s your favorite class at school? Math? Music? Recess?

I hope some of you are answering “HISTORY! ! !” I love history myself. People and nations and churches and wars and inventions and politics—there’s just so many amazing things connected with our past. Sometimes the stories are sad—such as stories of slavery or terrorism or huge earthquakes—and sometimes they are wonderful—such as stories of how God has lead and protected His people.

I wondered about the history of the Adventist high school I attended and decided to check out its history. It’s named Columbia Adventist Academy, and it’s located in the northwest part of the United States, in Battle Ground, Washington. (Doesn’t the name of that town make you curious about what happened there long ago?) Here’s part of what I learned: In May 1875 a boy named Frank Burdoin rode his horse named Bucephalus (Byew-sef-uh-lus) along the country road close to the town of Winston, Missouri. 

Suddenly, Frank came upon a huge white tent that he had never seen before. He thought it might be a circus, or perhaps a group of travelers camping. Then he saw a woman dressed in brown taking books out of an open box, and placing a few on a bench. Frank had never been so curious in his life!

Soon, a neighbor rode up on his horse. A tall bearded fellow walked out of the tent and introduced himself.

“Good morning! My name is James White, and we’re planning to conduct some gospel meetings in this tent tomorrow and Sunday. My wife and I will both be preaching.”

Frank wanted to go to those meetings more than he had ever wanted to do anything in his entire 11 years! He had never heard a woman preach, but he was sure she’d be interesting to listen to. He begged so much to attend, that his pa finally relented and took the whole family.

After the meeting, Ellen White noticed young Frank. She looked right at him and said, “You love Jesus, don’t you?” Frank had never really thought much about that question before. Now he knew that he did. Mrs. White had made Jesus so very real to him that Frank couldn’t help loving Him. 

After the meetings, Frank and his father were baptized. The family moved to Washington State, where later Frank  later helped to establish Meadow Glade Academy, which was later renamed Columbia Adventist Academy.Frank served as the business manager for 18 years--for free. He never took a paycheck while he worked there. He helped to rebuild the boys dormitory and later they named it after him--Burdoin Hall.
                                               --Taken From Spirit of Prophecy Emphasis Stories, vol. IV.