Have you learned to do fractions yet in math class? If you haven’t don’t worry—fractions are fun! They always add up, except in one case—when you give to God! Let’s read our Bible verse together and then I’ll show you what I mean.
“And blessed be God Most High, who has defeated your enemies for you. Then Abram gave Melchizedek a tenth of all the goods he had recovered.” (Genesis 14:20)
Even if you haven’t learned fractions in school, I think that you know what a fraction is. Has your Dad ever asked you to give half of your cookie to your sister? Or did your Mom ever ask you why you only ate half of your sandwich at lunch?
See? You already know fractions. A fraction is just a part of something—like how half of a sandwich is part of a whole sandwich.
In this Bible verse, we read that Abram gave the priest, Melchizedek, a tenth of the goods that he won in battle. A tenth is a fraction, and you’ve probably heard it called by another name: tithe.
Abram wanted to honor God for giving him the victory in battle. So, Abram gave the priest one-tenth of all the gold, silver and jewels he had won in battle. He gave it to God, for His work.
A tithe, or a tenth, is a fraction. It is a way of giving to God to show Him that every good thing comes from Him. Tithe helps the work of God’s church.
So, how much is a tithe? It is one-tenth of a whole. So, if you had a roll of 10 candies, one-tenth would be one piece of candy. One out of 10. It isn’t a lot to give to God to show how thankful we are that He blesses our lives, is it?
In math, if you do your work correctly, fractions always add up. If you take 1 of your 10 candies away, you will always have 9 left. God’s math is different, though! When you are faithful and give a tithe to God, He will bless you greatly.
Time and time again, God’s followers are blessed with so much more than what they gave to Him in tithe. Giving a tenth of whatever you gain isn’t a sacrifice. God’s math doesn’t work that way. He will bless your life in ways that you cannot imagine.
Are you thankful with how God has blessed your life? Try giving Him a tithe, a tenth, the next time you get a little money. Then wait and see how God will bless you for your faithfulness and make it a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!
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