By Caleb Anderson (back in 2003)

Moving has fun, sad, and boring parts. The fun part is seeing the new house you're going to live in. The sad part is leaving all your friends. the boring part is unpacking, and also having to ride in a car or bus for long distances.

I moved from Cleburne, Texas, to West Palm Beach, Florida. On my last Sabbath in Texas I bid goodbye to everyone at the church, and my grandparents. That was the sad part.

We rode in the car for 23 hours and 1, 425.3 miles. That was the boring part. However, along the way, my family and I stopped in Orlando, Florida, where I visited Uncle Perry and Aunty Judy and their kids. We had fun playing together until I fell down the stairs. (I didn't get hurt at all, though.)

Another fun part was looking at houses. When we bought one, I got the best room in the house. Even though it's the smallest, I can walk out to the pool from my room, and my doors are glass. I still call and e-mail my friends, and we're just 15 minutes from the beach. Moving really isn't too bad.

Things that Make Moving More Fun!

1. Mark what's in your boxes when you pack.
2. Bring a Game Boy or other electronic game.
3. Bring a book to read.
4. Talk on a cell phone (make sure you have permission!)
5. Eat snacks while you ride.
6. Play the ABC game (Find letters on billboards and signs. First, find an A, then a B, then a C, and so on.).
7. Decide where to put things before you unpack.