Is the weather feeling hot and summery at your house yet? The first day of summer is officially June 21. If you live in Australia or Papua New Guinea, then your weather is getting cooler instead of warmer! If the weather outside your window isn’t looking very summery yet, don’t worry. The Bible tells us that summer is coming. It says so in the book of Luke:
“Then he gave them this illustration: ‘Notice the fig tree, or any other tree. When the leaves come out, you know without being told that summer is near.’” (Luke 21:29, 30)
Jesus knew what we, His children, are like when we have to wait. Waiting for anything isn’t easy. It makes us all a little cranky and anxious. So Jesus used a good illustration to help us—the weather!
When you look outside your window, it might not seem like summer is nearly here. It might still be windy or rainy—not exactly beach weather. But if you look at the ground, you will probably see green grass. The branches on your trees won’t be bare anymore. There will be buds and flowers.
These are signs that summer is coming! It comes every year, because God is in control of the seasons, and summer will come this year, too!
It is the same with Jesus’ return. It might not feel like He is coming back soon, but the Bible promises and tells us that He is coming back soon. The signs are all there. Some of the signs seem to have been fulfilled long ago. But we are still waiting. Is He really coming back?
Just like the promise of summer, Jesus will come back! The Bible—and Jesus Himself—promise us that. Just like summer, He will be here. He promised.
As you wait for a summer full of watermelons and trips to the beach, remember God’s promises. He promises that summer will come every year. And He promised that He will come back. As you pull your flip-flops out from the back of the closet, thank God for always keeping His promises, and make it a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!
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