If you have a favorite restaurant in your neighborhood, you can understand why Pastor Yu Chuan Fu and his wife, Pan, were so happy to find a great Chinese restaurant when they moved to Japan.  As missionaries from Taiwan, there were certain things they missed from their own country. 
This restaurant reminded them of home, so it wasn’t long before the pastor and his wife became friends with the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Ann.  The Ann family was from China, but they spoke the same language and enjoyed the same food. 
In this part of Japan more than 120,000 Chinese people have migrated from their various home countries.  Pastor Fu and his wife moved there as missionaries to minister to the Chinese population.  Soon the restaurant became a place where they could share their faith.  After a good meal, the Fu’s would often meet with restaurant customers for Bible study.
One day in December, Mrs. Ann learned that she needed to leave Tokyo to help out with a family situation.  It was a difficult time, because she would be away from her husband and the restaurant for three months.  This would add a lot of responsibility to Mr. Ann, but they had no choice but to do the best they could under the circumstances. 
Soon Mrs. Yu noticed that Mr. Ann was struggling to run the restaurant by himself. He was ordering all the groceries, managing the business, cooking and serving the food, and washing the dishes.  No wonder he looked so exhausted!  Mrs. Yu decided to lend a helping hand, and she stepped in to help with the cooking, wait on tables, and wash great stacks of dishes until Mrs. Ann could return. 
The friendship between the two families grew.   Mrs. Ann began to attend the Chinese church in Tokyo with the Fu family and today is a baptized Seventh-day Adventist member.  Their young son, Tun Fan, has been dedicated to Jesus. 
Please pray for missionaries like the Fu family as they share the love of Jesus with people in Japan’s largest city.  And please pray for the Ann family and others who live in their community. 
Thank you for supporting the mission offering that makes it possible for missionaries such as Pastor and Mrs. Fu to do their work.  When all of us do our part, we can help to make a big difference.

By Nancy Kyte
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