By Cindy Tutsch

Have you ever tried to be a witness for Jesus and felt as if you failed miserably?  Maybe you tried to distribute Christian literature in your neighborhood and some people rejected it, even slamming their doors!  Or maybe you tried to share your faith with a school friend, but that person just didn’t want to hear about Jesus.  Well, don’t give up!  God may use your witness in ways that you could never imagine. After all, you may be just planting “witness seeds” that someone else might water and yet another might harvest.

A woman in South Korea—we’ll call her Mrs. Kim—enjoyed helping out at her Seventh-day Adventist church.  She especially loved giving the Korean Signs of the Times to her neighbors. Her husband was not an Adventist, and he hated the time that his wife spent in helping her church.  One day as he came into the house, his eyes fell on a stack of magazines she had laid aside to give to her neighbors.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop passing out these magazines?” he roared.  “They are nothing but garbage.”   And he flung them right out the window.  The wind caught the papers and blew them in every direction.  Mrs. Kim may have been pretty discouraged right then, but God had a plan for those windblown papers!

One of the magazines fell onto a pile of trash, where its bright cover attracted the eye of a man passing by.  Stopping, he picked it up, wrote in for the Bible course it offered, and eventually became a Seventh-day Adventist.  Thrilled with the news of salvation, he began taking magazines from house to house, passing them out to anyone who would accept them.

But what about Mrs. Kim’s angry husband?  Well, God didn’t give up on him.  In time, the local literature evangelist visited Mr. and Mrs. Kim  and offered Mr. Kim a copy of Signs!  Mr. Kim, the angry husband, was so surprised to see one of those hated magazines again that he actually stopped to read it.  Through reading the magazine and the friendship of the friendly literature evangelist, Mr. Kim’s heart was softened, and it wasn’t too long before he joined his wife at church.

Resource:  The Spirit of Prophecy Emphasis Stories, Vol. IV, p. 75