Do you like to try new foods, or do you like to eat your favorite, familiar foods? We all have our favorite suppers—mac ‘n’ cheese or maybe pizza. Trying new foods is fun, too.
Did you know that the Bible tells us we are all children of God? Galatians 3:26 says, “For you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus.”
No matter where you live in this big world, you are a child of God. We are all His children, whether we live in Canada, India, Libya or Denmark. As God’s children we are not all that different from each other, either. We all like to laugh. We like to sit when we’re tired, and we like to stay dry when it’s raining. And we all like to eat!
When you first think about it, it seems like we all eat very different kinds of food. If you live in Mexico, your supper might be a corn tortilla filled with shredded cabbage, spicy salsa and creamy sauce. You might have some refried beans and rice on your plate, too.
If you live in Holland, you might have mashed potatoes and gravy with some sautéed green kale and white beans on the side. If you live in Thailand, you might have a bowl of vegetables and tofu covered in a creamy peanut curry sauce.
And if you live in the Middle East, you might have falafel, served with a smooth sesame seed sauce wrapped in a piece of pita bread.
These supper foods all seem very different, but really when you look at them, they’re kind of the same. Let’s look at these suppers again, and we’ll see that they have a lot in common!
Falafel is one of my family’s favorite foods. It is mostly made up of garbanzo beans. Falafel is made up of beans, veggies and bread.
The Thai supper sounded yummy, didn’t it? It is made up of beans and vegetables too. Tofu is made from soybeans—did you know that?
The supper from Holland was made up of creamy mashed potatoes, kale—another vegetable—and beans.
How about the Mexican supper? Right, cabbage and salsa—more veggies—with refried beans.
Are you starting to get hungry?
Foods from around the world might seem very different, but they aren’t. All of God’s children love to create delicious meals out of the wonderful foods that God put on this earth for us.
Do you know that you are living in a very fortunate time in earth’s history? Yes, because even if you live in a teeny tiny town, far away from all of these countries, you can still enjoy all of these foods. There are all kinds of recipes on the Internet, and cookbooks in the library. You can have the same supper as kids in the Middle East or Mexico.
Today, look for a new recipe to try with your family. Enjoy a meal thanking Him for His goodness and make it a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!
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