This is a wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? It’s the holiday season—Thanksgiving and Christmas time! Holidays are exciting times, but before we can enjoy them, we first have to wait. The waiting is hard, too. Sometimes it feels like the days can’t move quickly enough!
The bigger the celebration, the harder it is to wait for it. Circling the important date with a red marker on the calendar, and crossing off the days as you get closer, helps a little. As you count down the days until Christmas, you can be sure that your Parents and Grandparents are doing the same thing!
The waiting has to happen—there just isn’t any getting around it. The wait happens because there are lots of things to get ready. The bigger the celebration, the more things need to be planned.
As you count down the days until Christmas, your loved ones are planning. Your Mom might ask what your favorite Christmas cookie is. Then she’ll make a shopping list, buy flour and sprinkles, and start baking.
As you dream about Christmas morning, your Dad is probably working ahead at his job so he can take a few days off to spend time with the family. Your Grandma and Aunties are planning ahead, too. With a friendly hand squeeze, they might secretly check to see how big your hands are so they can make you a pair of mittens.
The waiting seems to go on and on! The work gets busiest right before the big celebration, too. Dad cooks up a big batch of his famous mashed potatoes. Grandfather brings over a big mysterious brightly gift-wrapped box.
You’re busy, too. You are planning surprises and treats for your family, all to make the big celebration special.
When Christmas day finally arrives, all of the planning and work seems worthwhile. All of the waiting was definitely worth it. Your celebration with your family is wonderful and special.
Waiting doesn’t just apply to holidays. Does it sometimes feel like you’ve been waiting for Jesus to come back for a long, long time? You’ve been waiting, and so have your Parents, your Grandparents and all those relatives before them.
The wait doesn’t last forever, though! Remember, the bigger the celebration, the more planning is needed. Jesus is busy planning. He tells us in the Bible: “When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.” (John 14:3)
God the Father is planning the most wonderful celebration of all time for us in Heaven right now! He is planning Jesus’ trip back here to take us Home. God isn’t shopping for cookie sprinkles—He’s getting ready for a big celebration!
God knows the day that Jesus will return, and He sees the red circle on His calendar. He is busy getting Heaven ready. He is busy helping us get ready on Earth, too. He wants all of His children to have a chance to give their hearts to Him before He comes. Then, when the day arrives, He will be ready and so will we.
It may seem like we’ve been waiting a long time for Jesus to return. Don’t worry—He’s preparing a wonderful celebration for you. It’s one that will be even bigger than your best Christmas morning. Remember Jesus this holiday season, and make it a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!
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