Have you ever made a choice to do something right, even though you really didn't want to? After you made that good choice, did things work out better for you in the end?

Sometimes even prophets of God are reluctant to do God's bidding! Remember Esther? Her cousin, Mordecai, urged Esther to go before the king of the mighty empire of Persia to intervene for God's people. At first she didn't want to do this, but after three days of prayer and fasting, she received courage to risk her life by going into the kind's presence. And that story has a good ending!

In 1891, the General Conference officers asked Ellen White to move to Australia and work for God "down under." At first she didn't want to go. She was older, and her grandchildren lived in the United States. But after praying to God, Mrs. White believed that she should go where the General Conference asked her to serve.

After living several years in Australia, God sent Mrs. White a vision that a college should be established in Cooranbong. But church officers wondered about this plan. The soil in the area was so poor that one of the men remarked that even a bandicoot would have to carry his own lunch! But Mrs. White was so sure that God would bless, she instructed workers to begin building her a home close to the new school, which was named Avondale. Even though she was 67 years old at the time, she lived cheerfully in a tent during the several weeks it took to frame the house--and it was winter!

I recently toured Avondale College and Ellen White's home, which she called "Sunnyside." I imagined her there, taking care of the sick, comforting and instructing visitors, and writing The Desire of Ages. I thought of all the good things that happened because Mrs. White came to Australia--a college, a sanitarium (hospital), and a publishing plant were all established as a result of the messages that God sent through Mrs. White to His church.

I still wonder, though, did Mrs. White feed a kangaroo?

Cindy Tutsch writes from the White Estate. For more cool stuff for kids, visit whiteestate.org/VEZ