As you read this month’s issue of KidsView, you will notice a few things. One, we are bigger and better than ever! And two, this issue includes great stuff about grandparents. If you have a special memory or story about your grandparents you’d like to share, write to us and tell us about it. We hope to use your stuff in an upcoming issue or on this site. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Yawn! I stretch, I go find my granny
I see her making breakfast, teddy-bear pancakes
     all crisp and sandy,
I hug her, and look into her sweet-singing eyes,
Then I sit down for my breakfast surprise.
As my cousins and I wait for yumminess we say,
“What shall we play for today?”
My granny thinks, then brightens!
“I know what we shall play,” as our eyes lighten
“I’ll tell you a story of what I used to play.”
She tells us a story about Uncle Doyle
Then we play “Crocodile” pretending the carpet is
     muddy soil.
After that, she teaches us to how to sew.
She says, “Making stitches is easy once you know.”
As we play and play the day goes by,
Granny comes in; time to go to bed, we sigh
We get our nightgowns on and find our beds.
I kiss Granny good night and say,
“I love you,” and she does the same
Then I go to sleep to do
It all over
—Emmalyne, Grade 5

My Grandma’s Bread

Whenever I smell my Grandma’s bread
I remember eating the soft, buttery, milky
I feel so relaxed in front of the TV
I listen to my mom and dad
Talking to my grandma, speaking in Swiss
Then my mom, dad, and grandma
Coming into the living room and joining
     Jaston and me.
But that is not my real story. My real story is:
Working in the kitchen while Jaston is
     watching TV
Helping my grandma stir the egg yolk.
And then twisting the bread over and over
     again for decoration
And putting the bread into the oven.
And then waiting one hour,
And cleaning up the mess
And washing my hands really well.
That is my real story.
—Severin, Grade 5

What I Love About My Grandparents

     My grandparents are very hard working. They are both doctors. I go to their house a lot and I love being there. Grandma is now retired, but Grandpa still works at the hospital. He also loves to work in his garden and around the house. He enjoys painting, so we paint together with watercolors. Grandpa always has my favorite food ready when I come over. He knows we are always hungry.

     My grandma loves taking pictures and collecting antique dolls. She is also a very good cook. I’ve helped her make cookies, rice crispy bars, cakes, and even a pumpkin pie. She also has another talent—she loves nothing more than to take us grandkids shopping! She loves spending money on us! Sometimes too much money—then my grandpa has to suspend her credit card.

     Sometimes we even go on special vacations with them. But aside from all the fun things we have done together, nothing is better than just spending time with them because someday we may not have them around anymore. I love making happy memories with them.

     I love my grandparents because they are fun and talented, but most of all, I love them because they love me so much. —Madeline Mace, KidsView reporter, California (that’s me in the front of my grandfather)

At Yankee Stadium With My Grandparents 

     One of my favorite times spent with my grandparents happened on a trip we took to Yankee Stadium.

     As you can guess I was very excited to go to my first game there. My grandparents, brothers, dad, and I all got into Grandpop’s van and started our long trip from Burlington, New Jersey, to Bronx, New York. After what seemed to be days of traveling, we finally arrived at Yankee Stadium. We watched the Yankee’s batting practice for a while and then made it up to our seats. I became really excited when the game started.

     It was the Yankees versus the Cincinnati Reds. During the game Grandpop bought us pizza and lemonade. The Yankees were leading 1 to 0 when in the sixth inning the rain started pouring down! We went inside and waited out the rain. After about half an hour the game resumed play. The Yankees scored a few runs off the bats of Jason Giambi and Hideki Matsui and led the game 4-0.  Then in the 7th inning, Ken Griffey, Jr. (a Reds player), hit a home run and made the score 4-1.

     In the 9th inning one of the greatest closers of all time, Mariano Rivera, came out to save the game. First he struck out the Red’s centerfielder, and then he struck out pinch hitter Adam Dunn. I couldn’t believe it—the Yankees were now just one out away from winning the game.

     Jay Bruce came to bat and grounded out to end the game. The Yankees won! Or as John Sturling (the Yankees broadcaster) would say, “Ballgame over, Yankees win, theeeeeee Yankees win!”

     I had a great time at the game, and on top of that I had a wonderful time with my Grandmom and Grandpop Strang. —Jacob Strang, KidsView reporter, New Jersey

Abuelita’s 90th Birthday

     This summer I was blessed to be able to visit Florida for vacation. My parents and I left Michigan in May and were looking forward to reuniting with friends and family. 

     During part of our stay in Florida we visited my grandma on my mom’s side of our family. Not only did I get to visit my grandma but I got to visit my great-grandma as well! My cousins and I all call our great-grandma Abuelita, which means “Little Grandma” in Spanish.

     This visit to my Abuelita’s house was a very special one for my family and me because we were celebrating her 90th birthday. My aunt, uncle, cousins, grandma, parents, and I had all gathered in her little house in Altamonte Springs to throw her a surprise party. She was unaware that we were going to throw her a party, but was just glad that we were all there together.

     My Abuelita cooked us a delicious Spanish meal including rice, beans, tostones (crispy fried plantains seasoned with salt), and pastelles (Puerto Rican stuffed tamales), and then when she wasn’t looking we brought out the cake. My uncle lit the big 90 on the top of the cake and we sang “Happy Birthday” to her as happy tears rolled down her cheeks.

     This is one of my favorite memories with my family because usually all of us are never at the same place at the same time. This was a great moment for us as we celebrated my great-grandma’s 90th year of life. —Alexa Martin, KidsView reporter, Michigan


Whenever I smell chlorine
I think of my grandma
Throwing me into a swimming pool
I didn’t expect to go swimming.
She came sneaking up behind me
When I got out of the swimming
My clothes were soaked and they
     were heavy.
My clothes when I got out of the
     water were very itchy.
And my grandma was laughing.
—Mike, Grade 6


Kind, loving
As fun as soccer
I wish I was as cool as her.
—Nikki, Grade 3

All About Grandpa

Funny, teases
Teasing, laughing, playing
He keeps me happy
—Matthew, Grade 3

My Grandma

     Grandparents make this world a much better place for their grandkids to live in by being loving and supportive. The only problem with mine is that they live 6,000 miles away on the beautiful paradise island of Trinidad and Tobago.

     My grandma’s name is Matilda. She is affectionately called “Miss Mat” by all who know and love her. My grandma visits me every year around summertime. I love to visit her when I get the opportunity. This year, I look forward to spending my first Christmas in the Caribbean with her and the rest of my relatives.

     When we’re together, we walk to the store just for fun and also to get some exercise, because she likes to be active. One thing I like to do with her is go to the beach, but my most favorite thing to do with my grandma is to sit and talk about anything. I especially like to talk to her about life issues and our family’s history. Each year, I learn a little more from her since she takes time to answer my many questions. I cherish her, and appreciate her love and understanding of life.

     My grandma is a loving, witty, wise, and joyful person. When she is not singing religious songs to keep her heart merry, she is telling us jokes. She is my number one cheerleader, and always cheers me on at all my sporting events. I love my grandma very much and hate it when she has to leave. It makes me very sad, and I really look forward to her next visit. We have so much fun together, and I am thankful to God for the privilege of having her in my life. —Aaron Jordan, KidsView reporter, Maryland