When you think of Bible characters who made a difference, who comes to mind? Maybe Joseph, Daniel, Esther, or Nehemiah? These individuals people ended up in situations that allowed them to be in the presence of kings. By being faithful to God, and using their talents and abilities to serve Him, they also had the opportunity to be witnesses for God in important places.

What would it be like to serve God in the presence of powerful and famous people? Woul dit be hard to stay humble? It probably took lots of prayer, but Esther, Daniel, Joseph, and Nehemiah were able to work and live around the rich and famous--and stay true to God.

There is, today, an Adventist named Wintley Phipps. Like these Bible characters, he was met some pretty powerful and famous people. Phipps has used his talent for singing to bless millions, he's touched hearts with his gifts as a pastor, and he is helping to change lives through the U.S. Dread Academy, a foundation he started to help the children of parents who are incarcerated.

Phipps, like the Bible characters, isn't a perfect person, but he can be an inspiration. Les Pollard, Oakwood University president, and friend of Phipps, says, "Wintley is a guy who walks in humility with the kind of gift that would probably strangle most of us."

The pictures on this page show Phipps with some widely known people. And even though he's friends with some famous people, Phipps shares with his audiences: "You do not have to compromise to be recognized.

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