How are you feeling today? I hope that you are feeling well and that you’re not having a sick day. I hope that you don’t have a case of the sniffles or a tummy ache. Feeling sick is never fun. In the Bible, it tells us that God wants to restore our health.
“O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and you restored my health.” (Psalm 30:2)
When we are sick, God wants to help us to feel better. Some kinds of sickness we usually get over quickly—like a cold or the flu. We stay in our PJs and curl up in bed or on the couch. After some warm drinks and medicine, we feel better in a few days. Simple, right?
Well, not really. If you stop to think about it, every time we’re sick and get better, it is a miracle! God designed our incredible bodies to heal.
Have you ever cut your finger? It hurts! First it bleeds and hurts a lot. Then we clean the cut and wrap it in a clean bandage. It hurts a little, but almost right away, it starts to feel better.
The next day, when we change the bandage for a clean one, the cut already looks a little better. The bleeding has stopped and the skin might already be starting to close up. By the next day, a nice scab will have formed and we probably don’t need a bandage anymore. Scabs are God’s bandages! The scab will let the cut heal and new skin cells will grow. After about a week, the scab will almost be gone, and you might not even remember that you had a cut at all.
The process of healing is a miracle! When we have a cold or the flu, germs are in our body. God designed our bodies to fight those germs. As we’re snuggled up on the couch in our PJs, our bodies are working hard. That is why you feel so tired when you are sick!
Our bodies fight the germs and work to heal us. Do you think that is an accident? I don’t—I think it is a miracle that God created us wonderfully. Our bodies can heal. Cold and flu germs are no match for God’s greatest creation—you!
The next time you are sick, think about the mighty work that God is doing in you. As He heals your sniffles and your tummy aches, it isn’t any ordinary thing that is going on. It is the miracle of life and the miracle of healing. Thank God for creating you so marvelously and make it a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!

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