Why not use a playground in a brand-new way? Head to your nearest park, preferably one with playground equipment, or use the one at school. Be sure to have an adult with you. Choose to do three or more of the following activities. Do a variety of these exercises each time you go to the playground. Each time you should get stronger, faster, and healthier!

1 Climb UP the slide as many time as you can in one minute (make sure it's O.K. with everyone using the equipment). Slide back down on your stomach with your feet first.

2 Find a low bench and jump on it, landing with both feet at the same time. Then jump down. Do that for 12 repititions three different times.

Run around the entire play area. Time yourself and try to beat your time each round.

4 Hang upside down by your knees. Raise your nose up to your knees. How many can you do? Can you do as many during the second round?

5 Find a bench. Put your hands on the bench and jump your feet (together) from one side of the bench to the other for one minute.

6 Run a foot race from one tree to another. Sprint!

7 Jump rope. How long can you jump? Tien yourself and try to beat your record each time.

8 How many times can you make it across the monkey bars before you get tired?

9 Balance on one leg and lean over like an airplane. Stay in that position for one minute and then rotate. Next round, try picking up a small rock and putting it down during the next minute.

10 Find two medium-sized rocks and do bicep curls 15 times for two sets (make sure you have a good grip on them).

11 Place your hands on a bench with your body stretched out and do push ups. How many can you do?

12 Try swing lunges. Place one foot in the swing and the other one in front of you. Lunge down 12 times and then switch legs. (For this one, you may need an adult with you to help you balance.)

13 Jump high! For one minute.

14 Try a soccer drill. Tap the ball lightly (while staying in place) with your toes as you switch from foot to foot.

15 Hang on the monkey bars and try to bring your knees up to your elbows 10 times.

The challenge is on, and you can do it!

Lise-Lott "Annika" Dahlgren is a personal trainer and stay-at-home mom. Before becoming a mom, she was a middle and high school PE teacher for 12 years. Annika lives in Singapore with her husband, Keith, and their two children. They enjoy running, mountain biking, hiking, and traveling togther.