Spring is the time when everything that cold winter has touched becomes beautiful again. The birds come back with their sweet music, flowers grow, and trees become green again. I can go outside without a big, heavy coat. I can pick pretty daisies, make a wish on a dandelion, or even lie on the grass and make out funny shapes in the clouds.

Beautiful weather calls to you saying, "Come out! Come out! Come out and have fun!" And it's so loud, it's hard to sit down and work, because you want to go outside. Being outside. Being outside means playing with things God has made for us.

I love going out at recess and seeing His love everywhere I look. I am amazed at all the surprises God sends for me all through spring. Everything small or large shows His amazing awesomeness!

Would you like to walk with me and see God's love? Come on! It's so much fun!

While I walk through the park, I see the birds singing their songs. How does this show God's love? God guides birds to warm places in the winter so they won't suffer in the cold weather. I call that love because God protects them. It also reminds me that when I am having hard times, He protects me too. God loves me!

As I walk around, I see the trees and the flowers, and these too tell of God's love. When spring comes, the snow melts into water faster and gives tree roots water. And when the ice melts, some of the water in the lake goes through the soil to the roots of more plants. God made
the seasons like this so the trees will live through winter. This is another example of God's love.

Another way God expresses His love in the springtime is that we can go outside and play without taking time to bundle up. God's love is in this because He's the one who makes spring fun and delightful for us. God made several seasons so we won't just have one boring one. He thinks of everything and shows His love for us everywhere we look. Thank You, God!

Joy Agwu is a fourth grader at John Nevins Andrews School in Takoma Park, Maryland.