This article is reprinted from our July 2006 edition. However, this year, like back in 2006, many teachers across North America will be attending the teacher's convention mentioned in this article. And like 2006, it is still going to be held in Nashville. Who knows? Maybe your teacher will have some new things in store for you next school year!--Editors

Have you ever wondered what your teacher does when there is no school? Teachers are no different than students. They enjoy the summer break. Many will go on vacation, spend time with their families, and read books that have piled up over the school year. But many will spend time in their classrooms getting ready for the next school year.

The teachers’ summer break isn’t as long as the students.’ Teachers usually work at least one more week after the last day of school to do grades, clean their classroom, and attend meetings. They go back to work one or two weeks before to prepare for your arrival. But this year there will be something different for them as well.

In August, Seventh-day Adventist teachers will attend the North American Division Teachers’ Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. About 6,500 teachers are expected to attend, staying in nine different hotels. Each teacher can attend six different classes of their choice, and there are 350 to choose from! Some classes will be elementary teachers (those teach in grades kindergarten through 8) and some for high school teachers (those who teach in grades 9-12). There will be classes on how to make learning fun, how to better teach math or social studies or reading, and even classes on how to discipline kids so they will understand why sitting still and listening is better than goofing around!

If you ask a teacher why they like to teach, they will say they love kids, they love learning, or they love seeing kids learn. But when you ask a Seventh-day Adventist teacher why they teach, they will most often say it is because they want to share Jesus with kids. And that’s why KidsView thinks they’re pretty special people. We hope you do too!