Do you think about what you might want to be when you grow up? If you do, then read on about a few different professions that might interest you and learn about what it is like to work in those careers.
Karen Cerione is a second grade teacher at Atholton Adventist School in Columbia, Maryland. She wanted to become a teacher because she loves teaching, working, and playing with young people. She says, “Kids are a happy group of people to work with!” Mrs. Cerione says she went into teaching because she knew this is where Jesus wanted her to be. To be a teacher, she said, “I had to work hard, and do a lot of homework. I took classes in math, reading, writing, art, music, and many other subjects. I also went to a teacher’s classroom and taught in there with her help.
If you think you’d like to be a teacher someday, Mrs. Cerione has this advice for you: “If you want to be a teacher, listen to Jesus calling you, work hard, and be sure to play on the way!”
Dr. Shanthi Thomas King is a pediatrician. That means she is a doctor that takes care of kids from birth to about age 18. Dr. King says “I like my job because children are fun to work with. I enjoy watching them grow and being able to talk to parents about each stage of development. Seeing kids’ smiles is motivating. I also really enjoy being able to help a child in need. 

I decided to become a pediatrician because no other medical specialty excited me as much. Each child is unique, and it can be challenging because many children have a hard time telling grown-ups what is bothering them. I also enjoy having relationships with the families of my little patients and hope that I have a positive impact on their lives. 
After high school, I completed four years of college and then four years of medical school. After that I did three years of residency. Residency is the specific training done after medical school for the specialty you choose.  
If you think you want to be a pediatrician some day or any other kind of doctor, my advice is to study hard in school. Also, if you can, see if you can spend time with your own pediatrician in their office and see if you would like to do what they do.”

Graphic Designer
Carla David is a graphic designer. She says, “I design custom couture invitations and offer design services to businesses looking for creative marketing solutions.” That means she gets to do special, one-of-a-kind invitations for different events and work with companies to make neat looking stationary, ads, menus, logos, etc. Mrs. David likes being a graphic designer because she loves being creative and working with great people. “Every day is different and every project has its own challenges,” she says.
Mrs. David went into graphic design because her passions are paper, art, and being creative. “I fell in love with art and layout design when I was in high school. I worked for the school yearbook as the editor, using my photography talent, and soon discovered my love for layout and print design. At the time, I never imagined I could actually make a living doing something I love and had a passion for. I get to help businesses solve problems with great marketing designs and create fun, personable, custom invitations for weddings, baby announcements, and more.”

In college Mrs. David studied graphic design and fine art. What advice does she have for kids who like art and may want to be a graphic designer someday? “You may have a talent for art but it would great for you to spend some time with a graphic designer to see if this is really what you want to do. Some people with art hobbies find out that having a degree in that is not what they want to do. But my other advice is, if you really want to be a graphic designer, find your specialty and run with it. Everyone has their own style and flair, so learn the basics and then design outside the box!

Dr. Roy Adams is associate editor of the Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines.
Dr. Adams says he enjoys his job because “while editing articles can be very boring, it’s nice to know that these same articles bring blessing and encouragement to people all over the world. I also get to write articles of my own, which I hope bless many people. In my job I get to travel all over North America and to many places around the world, speaking to other Adventists and learning how they live. It’s often a lot of work, but very enjoyable and rewarding.”
Dr. Adams didn’t set out to be an editor, actually. He says, “I never knew I’d be an editor one day. But what helps me today is that in school I’ve always had a love for English and grammar—for putting words together in a way that makes sense.” If you have a flair for writing and think you may like to be an editor, Dr. Adams has this advice for you: “Just do the best you can in school. Pay careful attention to English and grammar. Read as many good books as you can. And start writing now.”

Paul Kim is a filmmaker. In his job he gets to “tell really exciting stories about real- life people, places, events, and some very important subjects.” Mr. Kim says he likes his work “because it requires a whole lot of creativity. As an artist, I get to combine beautiful pictures and interesting sounds to tell a story that will inspire or teach people about something they didn’t know before. So I get to be an artist, a storyteller, and even a teacher.”
How did Mr. Kim get into film making? “Actually, I studied many different things and even had two other careers before I became a filmmaker. My journey into making films was different than others, but at the same time my previous experiences helped me to be good at this. I also took many classes in filmmaking and art, and so now I have a college and graduate school degree in filmmaking.
If filmmaking sounds interesting to you, Mr. Kim says it’s important to remember that “we have different talents and love to do different things, so everybody should follow their own hearts. If you do that, you will find a lot of happiness and success in your life. If you’re not sure about what you love, then try everything you’re interested in, and after some searching you will find it!”