How Does a Church Get Planted?
A church plant starts with a leader and a group of members. They get together to pray and plan. When they are ready, they put the plan into action.
Some church plants are started by people who give Bible studies to others. Other church plants are started when people use their homes as a meeting place.
Sometime people use their hobbies to start a church plant. A man decided to teach a beekeeping class, hoping to make new friends in his community. His dream is to eventually plant a church in his town.
Church planting is a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding. 
Unselfish Service
It’s not always easy to be a church planter. 
Jing, Shen, and Tai* were Chinese students studying at a university in China. None of these young men had experienced any hardships in life. But all three of them had a strong desire to share God’s love. 
They were sent to a remote village in another province, where people were extremely poor and often malnourished. The villagers didn’t trust Christians and were not happy that these young men had come to live there.
It was a shock for Jing, Shen, and Tai to live in such a primitive area. There wasn’t much food, but they survived on potatoes and whatever greens they could find. They walked on mud roads and crossed steep mountainous terrain to get wherever they had to go.
By day they helped the local farmers in the field, and by night they gave Bible studies. They walked all the time and their shoes wore out. In spite of the tough times, these young men believed that they had an opportunity to show the villagers Jesus, so they stayed.
The children in the village were often sick because of their living conditions, lack of medicine, and limited supply of food. One 12-year-old boy had frequent nosebleeds. One day, Jing, Shen, and Tai found him unconscious. The only thing they could do was to take him to the nearest medical facility. They took turns carrying him on their backs for six hours over the mountain road, praying earnestly all the way. Thankfully, the boy survived and they brought him home.
As a result, the boy’s parents began to feel better about Christians because they saw the way Jing, Shen, and Tai cared for their son. Since then, the family and some of their other relatives and friends have accepted Jesus into their lives.

  • The term “church planting” is another name for starting new congregations. Sometimes groups of people meet in homes or rented places before they are able to have a regular church building.
  • The purpose of church planting is to take Jesus to people who don’t know Him.
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*Names have been changed.