If you were to put a picture of God (the Father) next to your bed, you would have a hard time trying to decide just what kind of picture to place in the frame. If we don’t know what God looks like, how do we describe Him to others?

Maybe you have a new friend at school and you want to tell your parents all about them. Since they don’t know what they are like, youbegin to use words to describe them like “pretty” or “funny” or “smart.” Those words give your mom or dad a “word” picture of what your new friend is like.

Take a minute and think about what words you think would best describe God to you. Then read what kids from Mr. Bennett's fifth and sixth grade class at Ruth Murdoch Elementary School in Michigan, told us were the best descriptions of Him.

God’s Awesome Design

My favorite characteristic of God is His design. One reason is because it proves that evolution couldn’t be true.
Think about the cell and all the parts that work together. How do they make copies of each other? It’s so complicated that no accident could have created it. There just has to be a designer.

I think His design is cool because the cell has so many parts that all work together. I think this is great because I like gadgets. Each part has a job.

It is also amazing that birds know when to migrate. God has designed them to know when and how to do it. It’s an instinct that God gave them.

When I think about the complexity of His design, it makes me want to know Him more.
—Zoey, grade 5

God’s Love
God showed love by giving me life. He let his Son die on the cross for us—that’s lots of love. He showed love to my family by keeping them alive. He showed love by creating us. He showed love because He forgives us. He showed love by keeping us safe on the train and by making us safe on a crosswalk with a lot of busy cars. That’s how God shows His love.
—Zachary, grade 6

I love God very much! He’s giving, caring, and He’s my favorite.  God is so loving, that when Adam  and Eve sinned He forgave them!

God could have killed them, but since God is so loving, He didn’t.God’s love is a wonderful, cheering, peaceful feeling you feel when you know you’re being loved and cared for. It’s comforting and different than anyone else’s love I have had before.

After God forgave Adam and Eve, He knew someone would have to die for the sins of the rest of the people that would live on Earth someday. God’s love is so true that He sent His only Son to die for our sins. He didn’t just send His Son, He sent His only Son! Adam and Eve sinned and He sent His only Son to die on the cross for them! He could’ve left us alone to fight this battle with nobody to turn to when we need help, but He did not.

Since God sent His only Son to die for us, we have Someone to look to in times of trouble. Our sins have been fully washed away through God’s merciful love.
—Joy, grade 6

God’s Power
One Sabbath I was going to a church in Battle Creek, Michigan. It was more than an hour driving to the church. It felt like a very long way to go for church. When we were almost there, I was very glad. Out the car window I saw a long pole and a street light. The light was red so my dad stopped. When it turned green, my dad felt something telling him not to go. So he waited about three seconds. Just then the long pole fell about eight feet away from our car. We had to go to the church another way.

When we got there my dad told our church members what had happened. They said God protected us. God showed His power when He gave my dad a feeling that he shouldn’t go. After that day I understood more about God’s power. I learned that God’s power is different from everyone else’s and very mighty and caring.
—Youngbin, grade 5

God’s Forgiveness
My favorite characteristic of God is forgiveness.  An example of forgiveness is the story of Saul’s (Paul’s) conversion.

Saul was a persecutor of Christians. He watch as they stoned Stephen. Everywhere he went, believers were afraid he would kill them.

One day, on the road to Damascus, he had an encounter with God. He saw a strong beam of light that blinded him and he heard the voice of the Lord saying “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”

Saul asked, “Who are you, Lord?”

The reply was, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.”

While Saul was in Damascus the Lord sent Ananias to him so that he would regain his sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Lord forgave Saul and he became a great witness for Jesus.
—Trevor, grade 5

God’s Mercy
I love God’s mercy because He loves us so much He will give us second chances. God’s mercy reminds me of when my mom showed me mercy.

It was after my bedtime and I was still watching TV. My parents weren’t home. But my mom pulled into the driveway. As soon as I saw her I was rushing downstairs to get to bed. My heart was beating like a cheetah’s after its finished running a mile. Finally, I got downstairs. Suddenly mom came down. I was so scared. I felt like I was hiding from a hungry lion. She told me to come upstairs when I was done. Now I thought I was in big trouble.

When I came up we talked. She asked me why I did what I did and I said I didn’t know. I was sorry. She didn’t punish me even though I deserved it.

That was mercy and I’m glad for that. God’s mercy is amazing!
—Maya, grade 5

This is a story about Samson and how God showed mercy to him. The Israelites sinned in the eyes of God so God put the Philistines to rule over them.

A child was born. He was to be a Nazerite (that means that he can’t cut his hair, drink anything fermented, or eat any unclean animal). His name was Samson. One day Samson was walking to visit the Philistines when a lion attacked him. Samson killed it with his bare hands. Later he saw that some bees had built a hive inside the dead lion. Samson scooped some honey out and ate it as he went along. He even gave some to his parents and they ate it too. Samson broke his vow to God by eating the honey from the lion, but God did not take away Samson’s  strength. God showed mercy to Samson and He shows mercy to us today.
—Daniel, grade 6