Hannah is an Adventist missionary who lives in Thailand with her brother, Josh, and their dad and mom, Doug and Dawn. You can read Hannah’s and Josh’s blogs online at www.AdventistMission.org. Click the “Stories & News” tab and then in the dropdown, “Missionary Blogs.

Where can you get snowflakes in Thailand? In the mail, even if it is hot! Our snowstorm came from America in a big envelope. These snowflakes didn't melt! Our friends the Coles cut out paper snowflakes for us. It was fun to hang the snowflakes up on our window in front of our air conditioner.
They also sent us hot chocolate with marshmallows. It tasted so yummy. But I drank the hot chocolate too fast and it gave me a stomachache!

Today I was a missionary for God. We helped get health Bible lessons ready to give away. These are old photo copies of Bible lessons on health from the Voice of Prophecy Bible School.

Lots of people today are sick. The Bible can help people not to be sick to get better! The Bible tells us to eat lots of delicious fruits! I like mangoes!

I had a lot of fun with my friends today when we did missionary work.

Today I went to visit a church plant in Thonburi. I played with the boys and girls there. I had fun doing a Bible quiz and we had a fun Bible lesson. The kids welcomed me. I liked being welcomed, but I was shy.

After Sabbath School all the children outside to play. They don't have any yard to play in. We have to be careful playing in the street, becuase you could get run over by a car!

If you are reading this, please, please pray for the these children at Thonburi. Pray that the boys and girls will learn to love Jesus.