Gwiazdy means “stars” in Polish. This awesome paper cutting project has lots of cool geometric designs. These “gwiazdies” come from the Kurpie and Lowicz regions of Poland.Before you try it, please make sure to use a pair of safety scissors made just for kids!

 You will need:

Paper Pencil Safety Scissors

Here’s How to Do It:

1. Turn your rectangular blank sheet of paper into a square. Fold your paper all the way across to make a triangle with a little bit hanging over. Cut off the part that is hanging over.

2. Fold your square in half to make a rectangle.

3. Then in half again to make a square. Now fold in half one last time (corner to corner this time) to make a triangle.

4. Draw a curved line and cut off the top of the triangle.

5. Draw a symmetrical (same on both sides) design. Don’t draw any cuts all the way through or you’ll get shredded paper instead of a star/snowflake.

6. Cut along the lines you drew.

7. Unfold and check it out!

*Tip: You can also use other types of colorful paper instead of white if you wish.


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