Maybe you've heard the news on radio and television talking about how worried people are about money. Just like in 1933, there are problems with banks. Many people are losing their jobs.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt came into office just like President Barak Obama, needing to make decisions to help turn things around. In 1933,  as soon as Roosevelt was elected, he and his cabinet decided to close all the banks. Thsi meant that peple had to live on just the money they had in their pockets, purses, or wallets until the banks reopened. Most of the banks opened again in about 10 days. Some took longer, and others never opened again. Those were scary times.

But this story helps us to remember that God cares for us no matter waht. He provided for the Adventist Church in 1933 just in time so they didn't have to worry about money. He will care for you and your family too.

Always remember how much Jesus loves you and wants to care for you--in good times and bad.

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