Do you have a pet at your house? Cats, turtles, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and even spiders can be good pets. I want to tell you about a very special pet, named Belle. Belle is not an average dog. She is an award-winning dog, and soon you’ll see why!
Belle is a 17-pound beagle. She has soft, floppy brown ears and a proud white chest. Belle is as cute as a dog gets, but that isn’t why she is so special. You see, Belle—like other dogs—has a very good sense of smell. Her sense of smell is much better than yours or mine.
Belle’s owner is a diabetic. His body doesn’t create enough insulin to be able to control the amount of sugar that is in his blood. With her amazing sense of smell, Belle can actually smell if her owner’s blood sugar is OK or not. She is trained to help her owner watch his blood sugar and to help in emergencies.
One day, Belle’s owner’s blood sugar became dangerously low. He had a seizure and fell on the floor. Belle smelled him and licked him to wake him up. Her owner didn’t wake up, but stayed on the floor. But Belle knew just what to do. She pawed his cell phone towards her and then bit it! She bit right into the phone keypad and called 911. An ambulance came, and soon Belle’s owner was OK.
Belle saved his life! This is what Belle’s owner said about it later, “There is no doubt in my mind that I’d be dead if I didn’t have Belle.” Later that year, Belle won an award for what she did! She is an amazing beagle!
Belle’s story reminds me of a verse in the Bible. Isaiah 65:24 says, “I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking to me about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!”
Often, when we pray to God, He has already answered our prayer and we just don’t know it yet! Belle’s owner didn’t know ahead of time that he would fall. But God knew. Belle was already there and knew what to do, even before her owner could ask for help. God made Belle an amazing dog by giving her an incredible sense of smell.
God will send an answer to your prayers, too. Right now he is helping you on things that you haven’t even asked Him about. Isn’t God wonderful? So today, ask God to take care of you. Thank him for His answer and make today a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!
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