"Then God said, ‘Let the earth produce every sort of animal, each producing offspring of the same kind—livestock, small animals that scurry along the ground, and wild animals.’ And that is what happened.” (Genesis 1:24)
Did you get a chance to play outside in your backyard over the summer? Did you find any treasures, or bugs to play with? My favorite bug is the ladybug! She is beautiful isn’t she? The ladybug’s bright red color and black spots are so pretty. Besides looking pretty, ladybugs are God’s helpers, too. God created the ladybug to do a really important work on this Earth.
Did you know that the ladybug’s full name is the Ladybird Beetle? Yes, a ladybug is a beetle. Most often, the ladybug is red and black, but a ladybug can be other colors too. They can be orange, yellow, white and even all black. Most have spots, but some have none at all!
When God created the ladybug, He had an important job in mind for it! Ladybugs are a farmer’s best friend. Why? Well, they love to eat all of the little insects that harm plants. Farmers with orange groves love ladybugs because they eat the little pests that hurt the orange trees.
A ladybug’s favorite food is aphids. Aphids are a farmer’s enemy because they damage the food that the farmers are growing. When ladybugs eat the aphids, they are protecting the farmers’ crops of broccoli or strawberries, or any other plant food. Some farmers spray their food with chemicals to keep the aphids away. But that isn’t the best way. Ladybugs are God’s way, and part of His plan.
When God created our world, He had a job in mind for even the tiniest insect in creation. Even the pretty little ladybug is a part of that plan.
God has an important job for you to do, too. Don’t ever think that you are too young to work for God. His plan includes you. Talk to your mom or dad, or your pastor, about what work you can do for God. Pray and ask God where He would like you to work for Him.
Like the ladybug, God has a job that He needs you to do! Jump into that job and make it a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!
                                                                                                    --Jean Boonstra

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